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★ hi everyone! sorry i have been mia. i've been busy with other things and haven't made any time for my game making hobby, but i just wanted to stop by and say i really appreciate everyone who took some time out of their day to check out pb makes lunch. that being said i do have plans for more in the future so keep your eyes peeled!! ★

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i'm super glad to hear that it made your day less boring. that's always a plus. 😝👍👍 thank you for playing!

thank you so much and sorry for the late reply. 
i believe the porcupine thing was just me playing around with words and rhymes. and i actually do have plans for more pb games! 

thank you!! :)

i definitely have panda girlfriend plans! stay tuuuuned. haha. 

thank you so much!

hahaha! thank you!!! (munchmunch)

yaaaay! i'm super glad. ❤️🍳 thanks so much!
aaaand as for the music i followed the tips on claire morlay's bitsy guide. and you can find it here!! 
you basically embed and autoplay a youtube video by editing your games html.

thank you for your sweet words! i definitely have some plans to add more rooms, but i've been super busy this week. maybe i'll be able to work on it this weekend a little bit, but anyway thank you again! i'm really glad you liked it. 😊

the mood was mysterious and kinda spooky! and it left me with a lot of questions. i enjoyed it!! 🤔

this was really awesome! nice job. 

i loved this! your sprites were so nice and the dialogue was cute and funny. 🤗