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Nice work, I enjoyed the gameplay

Very cute game. RNG is never really on my side in games ;)

Took a few tried to get the rhythm down but after that was a good time. It does lag a bit when you rack up a ton of guns though. 

Haven't beaten it yet, but its well made. Ive enjoyed everything so far. Good work everyone! Ill add an update when I beat the game finally =)

Great game everyone! Excellent work all around. 

  • IsabellaLau - The sound effects were perfect, the music was excellent. I especially loved the talking sound effects, it added a lot to the game not having silent text bubbles.
  • D4yz - You know I love your pixel art. I like the isometric work on the desert. The Hud was great too, clean and concise.
  • Willowblade - I could not find any bugs, and I tried. Great work, smooth gameplay.

The story was short and sweet. I had no problem following the story arc and the humor you added was a welcome bonus.

Lovely write up.

Sounds good =) 

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I enjoyed the game. Good work. Only thing missing now is Mother's name in the indicator box and a "win screen" for when you beat the last boss =) 

Makes me sad, but thank you for the reply, if you are ever open to commissions let me know. 

I love all the tiny sprites you have made. Out of curiosity is there a way to get a commission done? I would love one in this art style.

Just posted today.

My game is currently under review for Google play. You are listed on the credits page, from the credits button on the main menu 😁 I'll let you know when it's finally approved

Love the graphics, the game play is good. Maybe consider adding a written tutorial with your download? Also do you have a way to contact you about bugs?

Love all your work. I will be using this in a prototype shortly, thank you very much. (On a side note any idea why this doesn't line up correctly in Godot)

If I don't use facebook but would like a character made as well, how would I go about that? =)