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Menica Folden

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Mon meilleur score : 104 !

New high score : 394 by Myriam


new high score!

Very impressive!


beautiful and the mood is on point

omg the last one was BIG

This is the best game I played in my life. Thank you for the laughs

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It was very fun thank you ! :) Finished all the levels!

10 souls harvested! Fun game :)

très chou !

very cute we loved it

See all comments on Ludum Dare page:

Loved the core gameplay the art and FX, but didn't understood why I lost at the end.

Construct 3, and I use Figma for the graphic design

I'm made it in 274 years !! Very lovely, cute and fun game, I loved every second of it. Congrats to all the team, everything was perfect

Congrats! So, how was it different from C3?

Yeah no this level is broken 😂 there will be an update avec the jam with a new level 8

all gold, yeah congrats !

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Thank you 🥰 maybe you didn't understand the twist of this game : in fact, the value on the dice increase of 1 at every moove.  It's not a real dice when you have to think of it in 3D. We were more interested in a value approche more than of a "think of it as a 3d object one". 

Hahaha yes it's a known bug, I'm surprised that many people tried to escape the terrain, tbh! 😂

yeah, in game jam it's important to make the games easy and not frustrating. And it's very fun to see all the screenshots of the people who did the gold in every level 🥰. Thank you for your comment!

Love the vibe, the idea and the art style ! Seems like the only thing that was missing was time :( 

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it's a good idea! The fact that the dice randomly change its number, and that the sprites are very small makes it harder to plan what to do. Maybe you can expand the concept by showing what will be the next number. 

Also, it's a bit hard to control the dice in itself. 

Anyway, congrats !!

I passed too much time on this game, shame on you (and congrats !)

Le jeu est jouable sur mobile :)

Fun game ! Maybe I didn't understand a pun but I don't the how it fits the theme?

Il s'agit d'un bug en effet, je me demandais si beaucoup de gens le trouveraient x) Merci !

Hey, merci pour ton commentaire ! Oui on a fait ce choix parce qu'on s'est rendu compte que c'était vite relou de devoir deviner ce qui allait se passer en glissant le dé sur un côté. Déjà qu'en 3D c'est pas évident (et pas hyper fun, de mon opinion), alors en 2D ! Ajouter 1 à chaque mouvement nous a semblé plus juste pour le joueur.

Wow it's hard! Good job on the art, love the vibe!

very fun and creative, well done !

Thanks ! You actually have to note the game on the jam page for it to count :)

I loved it !!! ❤️❤️❤️

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you always make such beautiful game ❤️  I feel like this could easily be a game that could play on mobile! 

loved it. thank you!

very fun

J'ai tenu 3 mois et 31 jours ! Quasi 4 !

Bravo à l'équipe, chouette jeu :)

My personal best : 113

Try to beat it ! ✌️

I loved it!