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Menica Folden

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Loved the pace and the mood set. Good job :)

Haven't tried yet but I already love the idea

This is my favorite game of the jam. Thank you !

This made me laugh so hard πŸ˜‚ We are going to adjust the difficulty in the final version thanks

Yes, all the art was made within the jam :)

you have to grow the potatoes with the right click ;)

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Thanks :) we are two women behind this game btw πŸ˜‰

Very clever concept πŸ₯°

Fun fact : this is exactly the inputs I added in the game 10 minutes ago for the final release ! I added the possibility to switch seeds by clicking on the bag itself.

Thank you !

Very fun idea!

omg this is nuts I love it.

Very fun, the art is great, the concept is awesome. The music isn't looping and it's a bit hard to understand what to do

I love this game. Idea, gameplay, art... It even does not need a tutorial (I didn't read). Congrats !

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Very good idea, love the art, but controls are difficult to use and the jumps are hard to make :(

Drag n drop controls would have fit better I guess ?

The secret is to go for an idea you know you can make in few hours. Keep the scope as small as possible :)

Thank you πŸ₯°

hi, try to play it on Chrome :) 

Did you get to the second level? (~1mn of gameplay) You will see some suprise ;)

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Retry to go on the game page, it should work on your browser ❀

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Retry to go on the game page, it should work on your browser ❀