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As an avid fan of Wario Land games and Ren & Stimpy-esque animation, this game makes for a holy grail for sure. Just finished my 2nd run (went from B-ok to A-nice), and the whole backtracking part kicks me right in the nostalgia. Even the soundtrack is based on WL4, so props to the sound guys as well. Running around looks hilarious and feels great, especially with the small wallclimbs so you don't lose your momentum.

This game is really promising, though I'd like to make a few suggestions;

  • While slapping and throwing enemies around looks great, having to stand still to attack slows down the flow of the game a bit too much. As speed is one of the main focus points in this game, I'd like to see some moves which combines the two a bit more; maybe a body slam out of a dash or an attack that ends into a run?
  • Running around max speed feels great, but some rooms don't allow for sharper turns. Maybe this was intentional, but this could be frustrating during the backtracking parts where there are enemies around since the player loses the dash attack and can't really afford to stand still for the standard attack.
  • I love the idea of WL's not being able to die but dropping you back in a level. While this is the first boss, the arena is generously large and could be slightly smaller

Other than that, I really dig this game. Once I heard the tutorial music, I was sold. Haven't encountered any bugs as well, so great job!

For a 2 week project this already looks pretty promising. Jumping and attacking feels really good and heavy, and mecha-form feels appropriately more powerful. Even though the weapons don’t do much now, they feel good to fire. I find it hard to properly aim with the grenade launcher though, are you planning on adding 8-direction shooting?

Since you’re mostly focusing on taking out bugs, I’m gonna point some out;

  • Switching weapons in mecha mode breaks player movement until you jump again
  • Mecha mode’s double jump automatically jumps forward and makes it unable to change direction (this might be on purpose though, since zero-suit offers more mobility
  • Shooting and jumping seems to peak the jump too early

It’s a pretty decent timekiller and it plays smoothly. While it’s still a bit too generic right now, it has a good base for more content. I’m not sure if you aim to keep it generic, but I’d suggest more variation to skills, as well as a reason to use other weapons since every enemy just rushes you straight-on. While there are quite a few enemy variations, most of them die in 1-2 shots from the handgun.

Couple of other suggestion;

  • The shotgun’s damage output is surprisingly low
  • The minibosses(?) have too much health, I had to max out grenade launcher ammo around 4 times to get through one
  • I like the variety of power-ups, but you get them way too much. Around wave 32 I just ran around from medbag to medbag
  • While entering the shop from any point in the game to restock in ammo is quite handy, it pauses the game and makes the waiting for the next wave pretty pointless. You never have to worry about ammo since you practically earn more than you shoot and you can restock at any moment; leaving an opportunity to get more strategy and planning behind

So as far as the title of your name goes, it’s a pretty generic but a nice solid demo