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It looks awesome! Good luck with the development! :)

this kind of games REALLY get me scared a lot. I loved the atmosphere and the gameplay, it's really original :)

i loved Garret, he REALLY has a cute face xd. Really cool expirience, 10/10. I hope you can finish the whole game. Wish you the best of luck! :)

this spooked me out a little bit and I had the feeling that the plant was going to jumpscare me at any time XD cool game :)

Absolutley awesome. I played after the first one and I loved it, I'm looking foward for more from the Showtime series! :)

Absolutley loved it. I really want to be Alma's bestie! The art and sound was awsome, i really enjoyed. 10/10 halloween game :)



Good game though.

I feel bad for killing everyone, but I least I now  have a very cool hat xd. 10/10 loved it.

kind of claustrophobic ngl, but I enjoy it :)

The voice acting, the art, the music, the effects... This game was awsome! A really halloweeny experience and also a very sentimental one. Absolutley great!

it scared the shit out of me. good test 👍

loved this game! I got stucked at some puzzles but i managed to continue. the art is really cute and the story is  funny. 10/10!

Good game! The art is really cool, I loved it. I also got scared every time Melisa killed me, even though she expected me to do it xd

I played this while eating breakfast and I must say it's really cool! I love the art and the characters, it was a good experience :)

Yasss, a new sequel! I'm hoping the best for it. Good luck with it! :)

Really cool game :) 

Really cute and comfy! I loved it!

both cute and creepy, really good game! :) 

I laughted so badly at ending 4 omg. 

Pretty cool game!

Ok, THIS really creeped me out. Really good game! :)

After playing this game, I couldn't help but play other dino999z games!I really liked them and I honestly sugesy it if you like visual novels and points and clicks. It scared me a lot asweel! I'm waitintg for the next new things from dino999z!

Un amigo me recomendó el juego y está chulísimo. El ambiente es espeluznante, realmente me asustó bastante y me daba mucho miedo. Todas las referencias que hay me sacaron una sonrisa al jugar. Muy buen juego, lo recomiendo muchísimo :)

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When I played this game for the first time on web , somehow I couldn't listen to the music (after playing I realised that was because I was using OBS), so I thought the game didn't have music and was really scared about that. 🤣 

Despite that, I really liked the game and the spooky ambience it has, I recommend it. 🤩

I loved the game so much! Do you mind if I made a video edit of the game and publish it on youtube? I would love to do it!

I hope there will be a second part of the game, it would be so cool! <3