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sup, no time I hear from you!

I love this game! I really admitre jo-sipu's work, so this game was a pleasant surprise I really enjoyed! 10/10 🩷

so cute!!! got the 3 endings, really cute game!💚

aww this was cute! 🤍

awww this was so cuteeeeeeee <3 it was fun to read all the story of kamila and eleni. hope i can see more of them!

it's nothing ^^

sure hehe🤠

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deam, sorry about that. It's ok, you don't bother me :) I asked it bc it would be more easy for us to talk ,but it's ok 😊

No, I didn't play it because I can't afford it xd. But I will surely look a gameplay or smth haha

Hi again XD the key you need is on the room full of paintings. You need to check out the wall until you find a key. If you can't find it, try leaving the room (and go back where the mirror is) and enter again. 

Hope this helps!

you want my discord/reddit so we can talk more? I think it would be more comfortable for both of us talking through there instead of the comments😅

thanks, you too<3

I love the art so much. Eli is really cute and adorable in both of his ways ^^. The way that he breaks the fourth wall it's also really cool. If you could add something more "messy with your computer" (like closing the game by itself, creating text files, putting the name of the user of the pc on the game, etc) it would gain a lot! (but I understand that's a really messed up thing to code, and there are also many ways to break the fourth wall, but I think that this suggestion could make the game a bit cooler ^^)

One thing I was surprised about it's the fact that it goes straight to the point. Even during the warning part, you can guess something will go wrong eventually. I thought it would start off sweet, by meeting Eli, chatting a bit with him, getting to know him and then, out of nowhere, PLOT TWIST. Eli starts getting obsessed with you and all the glitchy stuff happens. (I hope you can understand what I meant xd).

I think that if you could get a bit sweeter in the beginning and then boom all the creepy stuff afterwards, it could be great. But if you want to, you can keep the creepiness in the beginning and maybe try to go even deeper and darker into Eli's background!

This was my honest opinion, I hope it can help you with the development of the game! :)

Of course!

SAI by catowo ( This is from the same creator of Hana. Is a bit shorter than Hana, but it's still scary ^^

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley by Nemlei ( This game is 1h long. It's about two siblings that practice cannibalism with a hint of dark humor.

PURPLE -Directors Cut- by Scopophobia Studios ( This is an extended demo, so it's kind of long (2-3 hours maybe?). You play as a guy who lives in a small studio aparment on a dangerous neighbourhood and strange things start to happen .-.

Crowscare by arcadekitten ( This one takes about 1h- 2h 30 mins to complete. You play as a boy who isn't allowed to go out at night. Why? You will discover it~

Last Halloween by Lea Rondeau ( This isn't a RPG MAKER Game, but it still has really cool puzzles. It's a point and click where you play as a little witch and explore a haunted house.

I hope you like them!

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The creator has already made the first two chapters (the demo is actually the first chapter). You can get the second one here, but you will have to purchase it. Catowo (creator of Hana)  has  in mind creating two more chapters for the game, but for now, it only has chapters one and two. Hope this helps! :)

Hi! For this puzzle, you need to count all the plants and orange lights and find the blue number. But if you don't want to do that, the code is 2420. Hope this helps!

i don't know how I ended up here, but I'm in love with the Slenderman sprite (and ben drowned still gives me the creeps ngl)

good game :3

this game was really cool! the secret ending was definitely my favorite one. can't wait to play more of the dear dere series!

really cute game to play on the train or on the fireplace! 10/10 fun and cute

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I loved this game so much! It resembles perfectly the old RPG Horror Games! The ambience and the story are incredible. The art gives it its own style (apart of being really cool ^^). 

I've been looking foward to play games like this, and this one didn't let me down.

10/10 I wish you the best of luck with the full version💜🖤

btw I made this:

somehow I survived yay :D

(this was really funny ngl 10/10. I hope to see more stories of the Uncanny Valley's relators :) )

This game was so cool! I love so much the style and the characters, it's both really cute and creepy! 

10/10 a cute short and disturbing experience <3


this kind of games really run shivers down my spine. this one was no exeption ._.

definitivamente voy a comer pizza con piña tras esta experiencia

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I loved it! I liked a lot the additions of a point and click game, it made it more mechanic and entertaining!

The art is lovely and the story is really interesting. I'm looking foward to more Fruit Witched Adventures! ❤️💖

just played the extended version and i loved all the new content! even if it's just the first chapter, I enjoyed a lot. I hope the best for the full version! 💛

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i wanted to try this out after playing SAI, and boy, i didn't regret doing it! i love the style and the eerie ambience it gives. I can't afford playing the full version, but i'll be sure to support it as much as i can. Lovely game! 🖤 💙

good luck with it, it's looking really good!!😃

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YASSS OMG FINALLY!!!! I'll play it when I have time, I'm so exited for it ❤️

let's GOOOOOOOOO good luck with everything, I'm exited for all of the games! ^^

I really enjoyed the game! It's a nice thing that the protagonist isn't into you , it's really unique. The art is very cute and the story it's short and tense.

Really cool game of this jam! <3

it looks really cool! good like with it :)

Mychael is so cute omg

I'm exited for the full game and see new endings and more the lore of the forest!

Super cute (and kind of tense ._.) game 10000/10 i liked it a lot :)

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omg I laughed so badly during the route of the ending 2 (and ending 4 was REALLY disturbing ._.)

Really cool game, 10/10 I enjoyed it a lot :3

good luck! :)


same here lmao