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Thanks! I just checked it out and it looks so cool!

lol thanks Gil! Yeah the game needs sooo much work! I'm pausing it and working on a simpler DEFOLD project until I find someone to partner with or know enough to build it the way I want ^^

I love the little green bushes and pots!!! They remind me of Zelda for SNES. Childhood memories, about to cry!

What software did you build this in?

Wow the amount of work put in this game is inspiring! I love the thoughtful details in both the artwork and gameplay!

What software did you build this in?

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thanks for the awesome feedback everyone ^^

It's my first Defold project so I had no idea what I was getting into lol

I had posted about wanting to collaborate if anyone is interested in developing the game with me. I'm already warmed up on the Visual Design so ideally someone who could code levels, menus, spell abilities etc would be a great teammate.

Message me if you're interested! I intend to finish it slowly by myself or faster with a team, I'm not very patient so I prefer faster with a team ^^


Hey Thanks! I think you're running into the big Red guys they hide but can still hit you.

This one is special! 3D in 2D engine that's mind blowing and it plays really well too! Great work on this and I love that you added a story element; extra points!

Love this game! It's so unpredictable!

woww this is so awesome! I love the art, effects and animation. I also really love the introduction with the mask wipe. It gives it a cinematic appeal! 

I like this game ^^ it's like the metal gear solid of robots ^^