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Pictures become reality | Liminal Gallery

I loved the mechanics of this game. It was probably the most fun I’ve had playing a game in awhile!! Great game I hope to see more interesting games like this in the future!! 


Had a very creepy atmosphere and all the Jumpscares got me!! It was a very good short game. Keep up the great work can’t wait for another game! 

A horror game about eating flesh | Bad Flesh

Short fun little game. Very weird/interesting!!

Short Visual Novel Where Your Friend Gets Taken Over By An Alien | Red Beneath The White

Like the idea behind this hopefully you decided to continue working on this can’t wait to see more!!

Horror Visual Novel Where You Get Kidnapped By A Spider Girl | Caught By A Spider

Really enjoyed this game and I love Spider!! Keep up the great work can’t wait to see more from you!!

this was honestly a fun experience. Hopefully there will be a longer more drawn out experience with each night in the future. keep up the great work!!

Horror Game Where Your Get Trapped Inside With Your Anime Waifu  | MiSide

Amazing game can’t wait for the full release 


Nice shirt experience I love how the Walmart workers are just as unhelpful in this as they are in real life 

Never trust your neighbor... | Ned Flanders KILLS The Simsons

This was a fun experience you should do like a family guy game also that would be really fun!! 

A Horror Game Where You Take A Test About Psychological Torture | Fear Assessment

I really enjoy these assessment themed horror games. I have played maybe 3 or 4 games like this and I would definitely say this was my favorite one keep it up!!

A vhs style horror game based off alien abductions | Incident At Grove Lake

It would be cool to see more from this like other abductions and Area 51 stuff. I liked how cinematic it was!! Overall really enjoyed the game 

A prequel to Good Job where you are an incompetent AI trying to escape  | Good Idea(All Endings)

Played both this and Good Idea I hope you make more games in this series I want to see what ended up happening to Olivia!!

great game i really enjoyed the ending i saw you had another game that connects to this one so i cant wait to check it out!!

this game basically made me shit myself probably the scariest itchio game ive ever played. I can't wait to see me from you because this was an amazing experience!!

This is why you should NEVER order pineapple on pizza!! | The Pizza

is it because I ordered just a pineapple pizza is that why he got me!!

A game where you date everyone's favorite humanoid siren creature | Siren Head Dating Sim

Great game when is the sequel dropping lol

Adventure Time Horror Game!! | The Fear Time

I love how this one built upon the story of the first game. Can't wait for more. The scares really did get me!!

great game I played both the crypt of terror and the witch of sherdorne forest I hope that there will be more games to this series.Keep it up!!

Did she just eat his face?!?! | May I Take Your Order(ALL ENDINGS)

Got every ending what a great game can’t wait to play the rest of your games!!

Great game gonna be doing another video on the rest of the endings!! CAn't wait to check out your other games.Keep up the great work!!


Creepy ass salesman stay away 

Horror Visual Novel Where Your Friend Gets Kidnapped | Missing (All Endings)

Played Sweet Dreams first then found this! Your games are great I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Keep up the great work!! Also Cro 10/10 character you should do like a troll/parody dating sim where you romance him 😂

Horror Visual Novel Where You Get Drugged On A Train | Sweet Dreams (All Endings)

What a great visual novel I can’t wait to play the next part in this series. Also just found Missing which I saw was a concept game so I can’t wait to check it out!!

oooo ok thanks for letting me know I will check it out right away!! The first part was amazing so I cant wait to do a video on the second part!!

This game gives me SCP vibes | Entity Room

Great game this really made me think of scoop it would bed cool if you made more games about the “entities” anyways keep up the great work!!

Great experience I would love to see more of the game transformed like this. Keep up the great work!!
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Horror Game About PTSD From War | Truth Loop 2

first time checking out one of your games it was a great experience I can’t wait to play more of your games!! Keep up the great work!!

Cutesy lo-fi Witch Puzzle Game | Charm Studies

Very cute game. The music was very nice and the puzzles were just challenging enough. All around a very chill and great experience. Keep up the great work!!

great game with multiple endings. Keep up the great work!!

Minecraft Horror Game | A Craft of Mine

Proof that Minecraft can be a scary thing. I like the game I would love to see a longer Minecraft horror game. Anyways keep up the great work!

Visual Novel Where Siblings Eat The Neighbor | The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

This was such an amazing experience. I really enjoyed this game l. It had a greasy story, the chapters were great and had depth, and the gameplay overall was a good time. I can’t wait to play more games from you keep up the great work I really mean it!!

really enjoyed this game I cant wait for the next part of the game to come out!! The fixed camera angle was so much like retro survival horror games and I loved it!! It was genuinely terrifying getting chased by him with how the camera angles were plus the controls. Anyways loved the game and can't wait for more!! 

A hospital loop | Unconscious

Great game I had chills for most of the game keep up the great work can’t wait for your other games!!

Another creepy test | Be Honest

Enjoyed the game it was good time keep up the great work!!

Being a mover is scary | Peter's House

Really enjoyed this game can’t wait to see what other games you make!! Keep up the great work!!

Garfield the Cat horror!! | The Last Monday

Really loved this game it was creepy and had an interesting story can’t wait to see more from this!!

Squidward has finally snapped!! | Sinister Squidward

Really enjoyed this game it was a really great experience!!

90's Inspired Horror | Project Selene

Was a really good game I can’t wait to check out your other game!!

there is just something so scary about psx horror games. Really enjoyed this game can't wait to play another one of your games keep it up!!