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Mena Angelfire

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I recently Played Hungry Lamu for a friend.  Shes a huge Horror fan and she loves Llamas.  Sadly Im not much into Horror but I do love Cute things.   First have of the game was easy for me to get though though I did have questions.  Second part im afraid I was really lost in the woods.  SMH Either way heres the birthday gift video I did for my friend.

Good Luck on the Rest of your Endveors.

Im glad to know that.  Something to look forward too .  ^

It took me a little bit to figure out how this game worked. before I recorded playing it.  I did have fun playing this game.  Good Work.  And here is my video as well.

I wish you well on all your Future Projects.

I loved playing this game for one of my Mini Lets plays.  Boxing plus Robots, Thats a Win in my Book.

Your Welcome and Im glad you enjoyed my Video too.  ^^

I think this is a great alternative to the Wack a Mole game I see done.  It made for a lovely Mini Play episode.  Um are the Frogs Aliens?

Well if they arent My HEad cannon places the Player on a Hotile world and you are the Living Hammer.   I had alot of fun with this game for sure ^^

I really enjoyed Playing this Game.  I havent beaten the Top Score Though.   This Game was Really Fun for only One level.

Here my Mini Lets Play of it.

Thank you for making this game. I rely Enjoyed plying your Rendition.   Again Thank you.

That sounds really good and your very welcome.  ^^

Your Very Welcome and of Course.  As for the Fishing game Bug *Giggles* It was  surprise to be sure but with game all about Frogs.  A Bug Was sure to show up. *Giggles*

This game reminds me  little bout Supper Mario Brothers.  Will there be  prt two?  Either Way I did enjoy your game.  ^^

You win you still lose.  Sorry but you need  little more work on this.  Oh and Music would be nice too.

I had Fun playing this game.  Short and Sweet.  Also Perfect for one of my Mini Lets Plays.  Good Job.

Can we say Flappy Bird for the Deep?  You my want to add more of  desciption to this game.

Thank you for responding to my Privous post.  At the Time of that post, there had been no responces to the comments below for quite some time.   Since that time, there has been activity.  After reviewing my own Comment when I wasnt so upset, I did decide to delete it.   This is my Appology for the Rudeness of that last post.  Again Best of Luck to you on Amazon and all your other endevors.

This was deffintly a fun game.  And yes Ive played it more then once I did a Mini Lets play of it this week So Im adding it to this post.  Plus Im so giveing this a good rateing ^^

I gave Be Yourself 5 stars becase the messge of the Game is realy important and although my dexterity is nt as good as it once was I still had fun playing it.  Below Im going to provie my Mini lets play I did of you game and Ill appoligies for Slaughtering your name ahead of time.  

Thank you for makeing this Game 

Your very welcome ^^

Going around and playing this game for about 15 minuts first in the attic and then the main game.  I did see there are more areas to posibly get into.  Id love to see more devepoment on this game.   I had a blast playing this Game.  <3

This is a lovely art peice and a little bit of a story.  It was good for being so short.  ^

This was a nice Romp.  I had fun playing it.   Keep makeing your Games <3