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Mena Angelfire

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This was deffintly a fun game.  And yes Ive played it more then once I did a Mini Lets play of it this week So Im adding it to this post.  Plus Im so giveing this a good rateing ^^

I gave Be Yourself 5 stars becase the messge of the Game is realy important and although my dexterity is nt as good as it once was I still had fun playing it.  Below Im going to provie my Mini lets play I did of you game and Ill appoligies for Slaughtering your name ahead of time.  

Thank you for makeing this Game 

Your very welcome ^^

Going around and playing this game for about 15 minuts first in the attic and then the main game.  I did see there are more areas to posibly get into.  Id love to see more devepoment on this game.   I had a blast playing this Game.  <3

This is a lovely art peice and a little bit of a story.  It was good for being so short.  ^

This was a nice Romp.  I had fun playing it.   Keep makeing your Games <3