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Hi. How difficult is it to make a  BlitzMax game work on Steam?

Update: The game works fine when run from File Explorer. When run from Q-Dir the program acts as though it is being run from the Q-Dir directory which is C:\Program Files\Q-Dir. I know this because another game app I run has the same problem.

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OK. The game worked the first time but after that it runs with only the GUI outlines showing with no words and no puzzle pieces. There are no audio files so no need for audio options. If you do update the game maybe add a bit of info about the playing rules. Thanks for the nice game.

I'm using win 8.1 and things happen when clicking on areas but the game GUI is only outlined rectangles so I can't play.

Raider Prototype has been updated to include sound effect choices.

To complete a level sometimes a new idea is needed to overcome a problem such as how to collect treasure that is not reachable. For example oftentimes the player must walk on a guard to collect treasure that is difficult to reach.