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Monolith community · Created a new topic Further updates?

Been enjoying the game a ton over the past days and I am absolutely in love with it. 

That being said, I have a question: I saw Monolith got a Halloween update on Steam and I've been wondering if it'll eventually hit Itch as well. Would be cool Thank you for reading. :)

Thanks so much for the quick reply. Updating and re-installing (checked both) works perfectly now!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you! :)

Really love this game. Can't get enough of crazy SHMUPs! :)

Tho I have a small issue: Since the last update (23122018) I cannot install the game via the app anymore. I can download it fine via browser, but not in the app. I am not sure why this may be, tho, my only guess is that the download isn't associated with an OS (Windows, Mac, Linux).

If you guys could look into it, that would be great. Thank you again for this game! :)