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@ Just Gameplay, No Commentary: this is actually (believe it or not...) a feature, not a bug! However it's unintuitive and has confused everyone who's played the game. Basically there are invisible walls to prevent you from going into certain areas until you've collected enough artefacts, and I didn't have time to add some kind of explanatory commentary on this to the narrative. I plan to do so in the future.

thanks got it...for some reason it didn't occur to me spirits could move about at different heights, seems obvious now!

the visuals and ambient sounds in this game are really soothing and pretty, and the concept is interesting.

I'm a bit stuck atm though, without having got very far. I can't figure out how to get my spirit-character past the first spirit-blocking pillar! I can see a lever nearby but it's not accessible either directly or by shooting at it, because it's trapped under the hill. I also can't figure out how to un-spirit the character, does that only work over a fire?

in my view this game doesn't really need or benefit from the AI narrative but the gameplay itself is awesome. I tend to think I have really bad spatial awareness but I was surprised by how easy (but still challenging enough) most of it was for me. the hardest part is always figuring out what order to draw the lines in.

one thing that confused me slightly was the hints timer. when I used up all 3 available hints it said '20 mins till next hint' but I expected it to count down so if I clicked again on it 5 minutes later it would say 15 mins till next hint, etc....not sure if i'm misunderstanding something.

visually and musically stunning, interesting mechanic too - took me a little while to figure out. it reminds me of a more realistic-looking Monument Valley in some ways. I particularly love the attention to detail in the velvety texture of the 'carpet', little plants and birds and stuff. excited to play the rest of the game when it comes out.

one of my favs to play when I'm too ill to do anything else. the crab is cute and the minimal visual design/colorscheme is so pretty. the game is very challenging but for some reason I find it kind of soothing, even when I die 200 times in a row before getting to the next level. I don't lose patience with this one like I do with most games so I can keep on trying until I get it right.

it's hard to keep track of where in the 'maze' you've already been sometimes so a map would be nice, but I guess that's part of the challenge.

one thing, do you lose your game progress if you restart your computer? I feel like this has happened to me but it might have been a mistake on my part!

I love this game, the sound design is just gorgeous and the puzzles are so much fun! beautiful