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well Sad. It finally happened. After 3 years... my cache/cookies got wiped. I've been very careful to avoid this and I am not sure exactly how it happened. But my game play for cabbages has come to an end. All of my bees were maxed. Highest lion level was 246... lowest lion level was 125. All of my next upgrades cost 54,000,000 or so. 

Was fun while it lasted. Thanks!

i have been playing this game for a couple of years here and there.  I just bought a 24 million $ silo which took FOREVER to save up for. now the next upgrade is 53 million $???? It takes too long... it took months to do that. now its gonna take 6 months or so to save for the next upgrade. need to do something to balance at upper level. And my pills are 16,000....... just keep piling up because my menhir is maxed out. maybe make it so pills can be spent on an upgrade of some sort other than menhir