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Stand name: Seven nation army

stand user: Digiono killua

Power B

Speed A

range A

durability C

precision B

potential B


a colony stand that has 300 soldiers, 50 tanks, 25 helicopters, and 1 bomber plane 

Stand name Pepsi man

Stand user Pepsi-co 

Power Depending

Speed Depending

Range Depending

Durability E

Precision A

Potential C


Pepsi man is a humanoid stand with red, blue, and silver colors with the Pepsi symbol on his chest with a necklace made of Pepsi symbols but to bring out Pepsi man he has to or someone has to open a can of Pepsi and depending on the carbonation level it decides if its strong or not 

1. Pepsi-port  allows Pepsi-co to teleport to Pepsi and it works like clash where he gets bigger depending on the amount of liquid 

2. Pepsi change Allows him to create things out of Pepsi or heal himself with it think of it like a Golden experience crazy diamond hybrid 

stand name 


Stand user 

Mr H

Power B

speed A

range A

Durability C

precision A

Potential A


A colony stand that has the appearance of a licker  from resident evil but really mechanical and no long tongue or exposed brain with eyes and half of the stands face is robotic. It can create any type of gas and can teleport to other gases Making very effective when the enemy is surrounded with gases 

Stand name


Stand user

Virginia West 

Power A

Speed D

Range C

Durability B

Precision C

Potential E


A Undead Stand That can use blood to create temporary things

Stand name Country Roads Take Me Home

Stand User 

Alternate world Ken Tucky 

Power ?

Speed ?

Range ?

Durability ?

Precision ?

Potential ?


Apears the same as country roads from my last creation but with more made in heaven features and the horse he rides is a stand called knocking boots that can create clones and consume its user to protect its user and it has a clock on its head  


The same as country roads but with The new abilities to erase causes and effects

Stand name Country roads

stand user Ken Tucky

power B

speed A

range B

durability C

precision ???

potential ???


Country roads is very simaler to tusk act 4 in appearance it has the users name etteched into his chest and is always riding a horse that appear to be transparent


can Add or remove liquids to something and like diver down can dive into people 



Namesake Africa by toto


Edward Toto a competitor in the steel ball run race that d4c killed

Power None

speed Depending

range ???

durability A

precision D

potential ???


A humanoid stand that has a African flag print all over the stands body and has four rings with a sword through them attached to is back the stand can't attack itself but like king nothing from part 8 he has a very long range, his range is about the range of Africa


#1 Weponization 

like forever's stand he can weaponize  anything within his range but to activate it he has to be able to see his target to start weaponizing things 

#2 decoy

can use on of the rings  on his backs to create a decoy of anything he wants 

bottom left corner

Stand user Samuel Urmumgae 

Stand name Golden Chicken

Power B

Speed A

Range B

Durability A

Precision D

Potential C

Stand Appearance It appears as a Sort of Magicans red like stand with golden features passed on through each Generation

Abilities It can Use any abilities as long as he can Figure out what the abilitie is 

Sub Stand Top of the world 

Power A

Speed A

Range B

Durability A

Precision A

Potential B

Stand Appearance A Za warudo With all Stands combined with Golden Experience

Abilities To slow time down with every punch that lands


Stand user ???

stand name Egg-dog

namesake the internet sensation egg-dog 

??? means off the charts

Power ???

Speed ???


Durability ???

 Precision ???

Potential ???

appearance A white body that appears to be Like the world over heaven's body with a egg dog head with the words Egg dog on his arms 

Abilities Can grow or shrink objects, expand and reduce objects as well as send attacks through ant object 

Requiem mode Egg Dog beyond the heavens 

Requiem abilities write words on objects and whoever reads it what is written will happen to them 

stand cry EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG!!!!!

user Justice will not be seen from me 

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[stand user] Akira Urmumgae

[stand name] Payday act 7

[namesake]  the video game payday







[appearance]A stand that appears to be a combo of the world and golden experience that has armor that appears to be gold with the currency signs for the american dollars being on its knuckles 


transforms money into objects objects into money change the molecular structure of objects that were once money create copies of himself through money and portals  through money

[requiem mode] Payday god mode 

[requiem abilities] can repel stands within a 25 meter radius

[stand cry] WRYWRYWRY

[user] Money can't pay for your sins