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I'm struggling at my work as a new intern who constantly makes mistakes and it's put me down. I'm playing games to treat myself and I couldn't have needed this more than now. Wonderful game <3

I absolutely adore the vibe of this game, I can't explain it, it's just a feeling when I played it. The art, animations, and music are beautiful, and the humour is my type. The responses and effects on text do something to me. I know this game isn't new, but just wanted to express it! sHaMe I hAvE nO cAsH~

This game concept is incredible! I love it!

When I downloaded this game, I had no idea the characters lived in Hong Kong. It was strange because, as a person who lives in Macau, I felt like I can relate to their lifestyle (And I did freak out with Brandon's photo on his trip to Macau). I think this is the first time I could really relate to characters based on their setting. Thank you for creating such an amazing story!

I really like this game, but is it actually possible to win the game, or is your failure a metaphor, proving you're a terrible parent?

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This game is so much fun! I finally got 100% for it. Just wanted say how I appreciate how the music intensifies and then stops at the last five seconds, it really got me.