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Neat little game. Quite addictive, actually. I've made a habit of playing it while listening to video essays.

One minor thing (spoilers?): I kind of expected a little more fanfare when you get through the whole game and finish the last puzzle. But it just loops around and takes you back to the tutorial and that's that. Might be nice to add a congratulations screen, where you can also plug stuff like "this was a game by Daniel Nora, here's my twitter, and here's some other games by me that you might like". 

(I played the full Windows version, going up to puzzle 501, if that makes a difference.)

Very interesting game! Gave me a lot of feels. Great writing, very atmospheric.

One bit of constructive feedback: a number of doors in this game had their texture on the wrong way around on the inside, so it would hinge on the side where you see the handle and it swings open where you see the hinges. I recall the doors to the shed and the trailers in particular.

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Bit of feedback for the devs.
Playing this game with a keyboard is way more of a pain than it needs to be. Particularly:

- There doesn't seem to be any place to look up what keys the game even uses, except people talking about it online.

- You can only see the options menu (where you can view and change your controls) AFTER you've managed to start the game AND found the pause key.

- The keys are unintuitive and hard to guess. I get WASD, but V, G, B, Y? The pause menu key is P -- why not Esc? Enter confusingly only works in SOME of the menus -- it lets you select the 'quit' option, but doesn't let you confirm that you really do want to quit. 

- You get controller button prompts like 'LT' even though you're not using a controller. Which key is 'LT'? It's also less than helpful to get a button prompt that says 'A' but the key you're supposed to press is V, not A.

Why not include a readme file that explains what the default keys are? Why not let players access the options menu from the title screen? You could also redundantly allow Esc as an alternate pause-game key, Enter as a universal confirmation key and Esc as a universal cancel key in all the menus.

What an interesting little game. Some of the plot twists sure caught me by surprise. And some of the stuff you have to figure out to progress really gave me a run for my money, too. A solid puzzle element.

Also SPOILERS, but...

...I was so worried it was going to have a bad ending. Thankfully it didn't!