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what do I do at 29/40?

also, what do the music notes (not the blocks) do other than change the sound?

what is new in 5.7?

well just check out scratch (free to use) and see how limited the coding is.

1 minute after release

played 6 minutes after release!


had to zoom out to 50% to see...

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You should try to make it longer. It is fun, and I want more!

can you please make a lite version for web browser? I have seen many of videos of this on youtube and I have always wanted to play it.

final score: 15170700

well, to be fair, this was coded on scratch, so quality was extremely limeted. This is about as good as you can get on scratch.

I am not complaining, and do not think that is supposed to happen. I am just pointing out what is most likely a bug.

But dashisg was over when I went through

I cant believe it... i beat the first boss...

I have a few things to say.

First, you should add an easy mode which gives the player 5 health at the start.

Second, I encountered a bug. I don't know how to explain this very well, but I dashed, and then AFTER I WAS DONE DASHING, I went through the laser without taking damage.

Third, the description for the heart in the shop is "Takes a LICKING." I am pretty sure that it is supposed to say liking.

Thanks for making this, it's one of my favorite games of all time!

Will there be a web browser version?

I guess that will have to do then. Thanks, and I completely understand. :1

Make a web browser version?

Can you please make this for web browser, too?

What about browser

I won after about 4 attempts

I don't think collection amount works...

what is the point of the slime girl?

         Overall, it is good progress. Game art design is a cartoon style that is consistant between different sprites, and brings me nostalgia of my early life. The gameplay is pretty good as well. The raise of prices are well balanced with the amount you earn. A few things you should add in the future: Prestige, upgrades, more investments, and if you would like, an item that appears occasionally and gives you a slight 'time warp' for your earnings.

           Keep up the good work!

I drank over 150 barrels of beer in a row, and I am apparently just a little dizzy. Seems legit.

you get trapped in the second area because you spent the 100 coins, but the effect does not last. Please fix in future update. Not hate comment, just feedback.

Great game, but I can't die in keyboard mode.

yes high quality gaming

26 deaths, 26 mins