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Is the full game gonna be free?

Also, how do I even be patient with Krypto

There's no dialogue options or anything

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im super confused on how to get  krypto to like you! is it like a new game+ thing or

also does lounging benefit anything

I just finished my first run of this game and... wow. I did Braums' route and got Ending 6. Is that the best ending I can get in his route?

that was the best game I've ever played

This was really great! The part where she had the dream that everything had gotten better after she woke up and got out the private hiding area trolled me, lol.

true ending first try!

I'll replay it and see. Thanks for trying, though! I really liked the story of the game.

The enemies are too hard early on. I died on my first, had to restart the whole game because the  saving didn't work, and now my second enemy (Cerberus) just swept my entire team