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was expecting more scares but the ending wasn't bad. good job! 

love the idea lol

the jumpscare got me. great game! 

very stressful lol

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very nice twist at the end, good job! 

I loved this. The style is amazing and overall very fun, good job! 

Both the ending got me with the scares. Great job! 

Absolutely loved the style of this game! Hunting down the creature was pretty cool. Would love to see more! 

first horror game I've played where there was a weapon lol. Good game! 

love short horror games so this one was really good! 

a little laggy near objects but overall it's good! 

very good game! 

idk whats gotten into people lol

opinions are mixed throughout people but I thought it was a well put together game. nice job!

fun little horror game. Nice job! 

i liked the short, scary style of this. Good job! 

awesome experience. good job! 

spooky game. good job!

cool game!

nice puzzle game! 

like the style! 

this game was awesome 

very good!

did not expect that twist at the end lol 

Very cool idea and great game! 

Very spooky, great game! 

Very interesting concept. I thought it was a really good! 

Amazing update! 

this game was awesome lol

this game was honestly really good. The monster at the end was 10/10! 

10/10 loved it lol 

like the style. a really good short horror game 

great game!

great game!

nice game!


pretty cool experience!