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MeMe Cow

A member registered Mar 03, 2020

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how tho

yea no problem good luck on improving the game and is this your first game

is it possible to go back to a world if youve move after building the observatory

its a little confusing

do items restore after u use them or do you have to kys

Never mind i found out the hard way

I have a question does this game save progress

Do you know how hard this sh** is on a laptop

R.I.P Stanley the prospector 1848–1855 He lived a not so modest life and maybe not the smoothest voice but his memory will all be in our hearts.

I cant actually play that I can only play games that are able to be played in  browser like your ice age baby game.

kypello I love your games and are you working on any games ?

ice pick is byith whom yous needs thus cheesith for

This game has made me come one step closer to finding out barack obamas last name.

um Im having the same problem i need machine parts for the stone teloporter but for that i need stone but theres no more stone on my planet