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Don't let poor Maneki alone, keep fighting those demons, do it for this cute little cat!! 

its a raycast mistake, i fixed it!!

Google drive for the fixed version:

I love the wobbly physics and the animations, it's very funni :)

10/10 gave my credit card information to the game :)

The last level was hard due to the spike hitboxes being bigger than the visual asset but it's very funni, and also cute!! I love the random text 10/10 funni :)

While not very funni, i enjoy the calm atmosphere and the pitch based gameplay, it's very good and innovative!!

For the demon bug: Kill the demons from left to right and it should work!

It is funni!! A lot of humor in this game! But a bit difficult to control and finish levels.

I like the humor about sedating game developers!

I also enjoy the sprites and music!!

There's a few issues with movement and interactions but overall fun game!!

Platforming and killing ennemies feels good! I'm a bit lost on what to do tho, but i still enjoyed playing!

I love your friend and i love the ennemies :)

It's easy enough and  i like the ability, really helps in a pinch!

Thank you for the review! Means a lot!!

Apparently a lot of people keep getting stuck at the demons, did you shoot them all 3 times each? A button should appaear in the middle when they all disappear :o

Thanks, my teammates really did a good job with the graphics!

I'm sorry about the bug, from our playtest there should be a "You win" button appearing in the middle of your screen when you shoot all the demons 3 times.

Thank you~ !!!

I know it's been a while, but i most likely proggrammed this game with a controller in mind.