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Thanks for making this! I tried Cuttle-x11.64.tar.gz and on exit I got these warnings/errors:

ERROR: ~List: Condition ' _first != __null ' is true.
   At: ./core/self_list.h:111.
WARNING: cleanup: ObjectDB Instances still exist!
   At: core/object.cpp:2095.
ERROR: clear: Resources Still in use at Exit!
   At: core/resource.cpp:425.
ERROR: cleanup: Condition ' allocs_used > 0 ' is true.
   At: core/pool_vector.cpp:70.

Steps to reproduce on Linux:

1. Click Play

2. Make one move

3. Open the menu, click Exit

I'm interested in how the AI works. Is there a specific algorithm that you are using, e.g. minimax?

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Not at all, it will be great to put it up here directly, though I only manage to test it on Debian Stretch, Debian Buster, and Ubuntu 16.04 .

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@LiamD Thanks for writing about this on GamingOnLinux site.

@LinleyH Love the minimalist style and the ability to make the units autonomous.

I tried my hand at producing a pre-built Linux package that includes most of the dependencies. You can find it at and you can also build it from scratch using Docker (see the repo src).