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Yeah that's what it is, it's a tech demo.

Thank you!! I guess it's floating over water rather than swimming in it ;)

hi, not sure why it's not working, we have had a lot of people play the game with xbox controllers. Have a look in the options, you should be able to change your layout there (ps and xbox).

Oh goodness! That's nice, but that demo is really quite old now! There is a new one on Steam at the moment if you feel like it.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!! Ha well it took a lot less time than Dap (which is still WIP) :)

Thank you, which version of Windows are you using? Because the game is fullscreen by default and has been for others. Also there is a menu on esc that brings up a 'quit game' option. Did this not appear for you?

fantastic, thanks heaps for your help!

just want to stay in the cozy forest and look at the stars *****

Beautiful! *****

Hey, just letting you know that we have fixed the above issues. Will keep updating the game, so anyone finding any issues let us know! Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks very much for your comment and kind words! As to the bugs, we will try to fix this asap! The saving system has caused us some issues already but we haven't experienced it this bad :( There will definitely be a update soon regarding the save system. Thanks heaps for letting us know!

Hey, thank you so much for playing, we are very happy how much you liked it despite all the troubles in the beginning and the end bit. It was very helpful for us watching you play, we know now a lot better what to improve! We are working on updates and apologize for all the bits you got stuck in - it wasn't meant to be this hard ;) Thank you for your enthusiasm!

Super polished, fun little game.  Good job!

I had a go of the demo.  Love the visuals and atmosphere.  Love the concept of the game too.  The shooting feels good.  My main complaint is the parry window is way too short, and not noticeable enough.  I'd also think about giving out some more arrows.  Keen to try your next demo!