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I'm having issues with your system when importing it into my game - upon adding the assets and compiling to YYC, the game gets an error upon booting up the compiled version saying:


and that's it. I'm not too sure exactly what I'm doing wrong but removing all assets relating to GM Video returned the game to normal. This happens regardless of which room the instance starts in.

I don't remember specifically suggesting Moxie any references for characters beyond being specific about the ears but I can say that it's funny seeing Renamon being brought up since they only recently watched Digimon Tamers (which is a great anime btw)

this game is cute and i like cute

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Hey! thanks for playing the game! I left both a XP debug and skill point debug there since the game is basically unfinished (and i dont plan on going back to it, if you find it you can use it to screw around with things!) I don't mind so much haha, although granted the xp debug key is a bit too obvious! I highly recommend following me on twitter because the next projects I'm doing are really really exciting and you'd probably like it!

I'm a bit busy but when I get to trying your stuff I'll let you know what I think too! Thanks again!