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First question I just watched the time pass faster and faster

Second I kept writing almost without a purpose, typing whatever, to try and elongate time as much as I could

Third I actually tried to answer, and then time bothered me. I had ideas, but made no sense

Fourth I again fought against time. Something clicked.

Fifth I wrote something. I used the small frame of time I had to say something. It wasn't perfect, but it was there

Sixth (was there a sixth?) I went back to nonesense. Hahahaha

My lifelong dilemma with time, presented in front of me in 5 minutes.

Thanks <3

I farmed for one year, fed my family, felt I could do this. Then at the start of the second, I harvested the first few crops, and realised the repetition would drive me insane. I guess I am not a good farmer. I return apalled to my faceless family and tell them to go somewhere else. I am not sorry, but I am tired.

It's the third week I am at my place alone, my roomate went to visit his family. And I am developing a game with him, so our working routine usually has both of us interacting and working at the same table; but now that he is gone, I am working on my own, in front of the two screens. The game reminded me of the solitude of these weeks, just surrounded by many screens, spending days doing the same things, and only getting peace when I go out to a park nearby at the end of the day.

Very nice small experience <3

Thanks for the effort of creating this experience.

As I was playing it, I have remembered many moments of my life in which communication was failing. Many times I would have loved to be able to pause things, think carefully about what was happening. 

You threw some light on these old confusing moments. Thank you.