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Melisa Panaccione

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so bouncy😍

Very creative concept:) I started to get a sense of the king's humor as I went😆

so nice! Thank you:)

ouuu, lucky! Just on time😲😛

such an interesting game.. so cool😂

Nice music!

That was so uncalled for

This is cool, I've never seen someone use voice input at a game jam!:o Do you win when you reach the chest?

Goat simulator vibes 🤣

( also btw you should put instructions! at first I played wrong, but later I luckily saw the pics and realized you can blow things up :o ) It was much more fun with the cannons!

finally some peace No description available.

hahah thank you! It was our first time making a clay game, it was very fun to try something different 😆

Thanks! So charming 🦄

ohh okay I see, that's why, I don't have a controller. The cats are very cute though in the pics I saw!

Does it have to be one keyboard and one controller? Enter adds one person, but not the second

Love the laugh track! It makes the jokes feel extra funny 

Very funny 😂 I don't have a controller so i played alone but it was still fun, the player movement is very smooth and satisfying

hii! I'm trying to play with keyboard but idk what key to press to start, can you add to the instructions? Thanks!

Fun rhythm game:) Pretty good for a team without programmers!

Love it!!!

Thanks! Narrations are by @taco-alp :P Definitely hard to play on one player mode because it's a 2 player game:') Thank you for the input, glad you had fun!

Very cool mechanic where you can just hit the enemies by hitting the towers!

Ya, the mechanics are a bit confusing at first, but you just need to catch the animals on the correct side (touch them). The animals from the wrong side will hurt you, so both players need to make a portal

CGD Jam 2023 community · Created a new topic I'm...

so excited for the jam!!🤪

This is so fun:) My favourite game I played at the game lab!

I doubled my score to 2 (I don't have a mouse I think thats why it's hard lol

Thank you!!

I'll try again (I honestly tried so many times😭)

i got 1😊

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Ok, I played again, it was much more fun now! I made it 7:20 minutes. It's a cool strategy game:) (PS you should add the instructions in the caption so everyone can enjoy!!)  

The concept and art of this game are so cute and well executed. The characters made me laugh:)

The game looks really cool, could you guys provide a bit more instructions on how the game works? I'm not familiar with this type of game. thanks!

thank you!!!❤️

This is sooo adorable, especially the end<33 The music at the scary log and at Zip were such a vibe and the faceoff with Hoppy was so funny!!

Hahaha thanks!👯👯👯

A truly terrifying experience...


This is fun! Took me a lot of tries but I finally got it