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I really liked the colors. Great aesthetics!

Thank you for the feedback!
I will redraw sprites to make it more consistent. Great idea about the BG too, thank you. 
The palette is called Temple Ruins and you can find it on Lospec.

meow meow meow meow meow 

Difficult but fun!


Fun but hard for me :D 

I like how you used the special object for this jam


Thank you!
I guess I'll add some pickups to survive more hits. Btw which browser did you use?

Thanks for the feedback!
I think you're right about UI

I think it would be easier for player to control camera with mouse.

But I have no idea if it's hard to code. I haven't worked with 3D games yet. 

Loved the game. It's cute and chill <3

Took me some time to get used to controls tho

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Thank you!
I'm sorry about controls. It's supposed to be Left Mouse Button. No idea why I typed "LKM".
Also you have to pick up the bottle first c:

Added that info to the description. Thank you for the feedback!