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well they are definitely bugs ^^

Jokes aside, I have no idea how an image file would be a virus. They could be more descriptively named though.

You can export a GDocs document and generate the PDF from LibreOffice, that should have bookmarks. Or maybe there are tools to do this automatically:

Damn, I was about to adapt a system and storyline myself from Hollow Knight as it is becoming one of the best games I played in my life, but decided to do a quick search for existing systems with low expectations. This looks awesome!

Simply right-click+drag to dismantle a path for them ;)

In multiple occasions I have gathered whole families, who are otherwise not into gaming at all, with this simple yet fun game! Thank you very much!

Sorry, but this is hopelessly outdated... Please update to 1.0

Yes, I'll hop onto Discord ;)

Hey, I unfortunately just found this game! Can I still somehow get access to it?

Hey, I'd like to try this out, but I am on Linux and unfortunately unable to run it through wine. Since it's written with unity, any chance you could debug this a bit or even provide a native Linux version?