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Melon Bread

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I see, thank you for the reply

Game looks nice.

Since the game seems to be made with RPG Maker MV why no make a build for Mac & Linux so everyone can play?

This is great news! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Completely understandable, thank you for your reply!

My favorite game at GDEX 2017, really wish there was a Linux port seeing as how this is made in Unity.

Great game. Made in unity so why is there no Linux version?

Love almost everything about this game.

  • The graphics are very fitting and look good for the style.
  • The music and sound effects are slaming. Sound like something I use to hear when I played my Gameboy or Game Gear back in the day.
  • The controls are nice and make sense.
  • The game has a nice challenge to it making you get all of the flags along with hitting the finish line
Great entry!