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I will! :)

Just finshed the demo, and I have to say this is an Otome game I can't wait to see the full version for. First off, the art is so colorful and just amazing overall. It fits very well with the theme of the game and the designs are so pretty. The characters are also amazing. There are so many varities and they come with such unexpected and loveable personalities. The most unexpecting character (in my opinion) was Rumpel. I'm so used to seeing characters with glasses being all serious and such and for him to be a cassanova out of no where, was so unexpected. I'll probably go for Fritz, Rod, or Waltz since their characters were interesting to me. The storyline just reels you in because of all the different concepts there are. Anyways, that's all I have to say and you guys did such an amazing job with it, even though it's just a demo. Thanks for letting me play it!

I loved it! The art was amazing and the story was great! I can't wait for the different routes and what it has in store! Milo and Jin are the ones winning my heart! I like that the characters each have a totally different personality! I truly enjoyed playing it on my iPad and I hope I can continue this awesome story!