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Thank you. (And it didn't offend me, but it might surprise others like me who weren't expecting it.)

Here's one thing I want to ask; can you put a mature content/18+ warning, please? I didn't expect to see any nudity in this, but I'm used to seeing 18+ games here marked as adult so this is probably just a nitpick.

The cat is one of the default sprites used for Bitsy. Maybe this could just be a test for something, I dunno.

Why was most of it just a black screen?

I hope this game wasn't abandoned. (I hate tinypic)

Bitsy Game Maker community » Help · Created a new topic Bitsy hacks

So I've heard of these bitsy hacks that can do many things like adding character portraits. But how do you actually put them in the bitsy engine?

You don't pay for it.

How can you use those bitsy hacks (character portraits, etc) with 6.4?

Everyone's talking about the ending, and now I'm worried. Is it clever or does it bring the game down into absurdity?

Thank you! And this is much more of a nitpick from a fire alpaca user, but on the title screen the text used in "Dream of Gluttony" is anti aliased while everything else is not (pixel art style). It looks weird to me. (Look those up if you don't know what it means!)


So...a fake angel and fake demon love each other...

Would it be a relationship built on lies?

...That sounds morbid.

I've seen ManlyBadassHero play this! ^-^ And from watching it, this game seems really promising! The only issue I have is the font for the text, it's hard to read most of the time.

Hello! From what I've seen of this game, I'd like to give a review:

...It's eh.

At first, it's promising. You meet a guy, you either make friends or just get an ending from walking away, you get along...

And then it starts to go downhill.

After it turns out he uses blood as red paint (how scary) it becomes a cookie-cutter yandere story. And that's my main problem with this game; it brings nothing new to the table. The worst part is the main character; for example, he licks one of his knives at one point. That didn't make me creeped out, it made me groan because it's too cliche.

Now, I'll cut you some slack; this is your first game, and we all have to start somewhere, so don't take this like I'm hating on you. I'm just tired of the same types of yandere stories that don't bring anything new.

I hope you continue making games in the future, however! :D