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Very fetching, I think this will go far!

thank you, I've added a link in the main description

I've talked this over with some others to get a wider perspective.

I'd be comfortable uploading or linking to it as a free fan translation, French speaking players would have free access to the game. If they like it and want to support me, they can buy the English version.

As soon as I put it behind a paywall, from my perspective I'd be obligated to pay you and provide customer support for the French version of the game.

I'm incredibly grateful that you like my game enough to have translated it and to offer this. It's important to me to handle this carefully, hence my responses.

That's very generous, but I'm afraid I can't accept. I don't want to profit off of your work without compensating you properly.

Hi, thank you so much for your support of my game.

A French translation would be awesome, however it isn't in the cards for me right now.

I don't have the budget necessary, and given how niche AoG is I think it will be difficult to justify the cost going forward.

If that changes, I'd be happy to get in touch.

I expected this game to be good, I did not expect it be one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced in my life. Thank you so much for making this. It's seriously incredible.

- Cursed jet ski transmission kit in a violin case. Check.

- Pouch of charm screws, painted for easy identification. Check.

- Wrench ready for fencing foil transformation. Check.

- Gardening gloves and bucket hat for shadow gargoyle form. Check.

- Tiny gargoyle wearing a sun hat flashlight, for luck. Check.

Let's rock or roll. Or excuse me, play some punk piano in a gondola station.

Thank you so much for writing this game Dusty.

I made a suit for a crane and then had a showdown with them and I will never forget it.

Thanks! It means a lot to me to hear that.

This game is like a finely and tightly wound clock. Each piece is a delight, and the overall structure snaps together so cleanly. When I think about the future of ttrpgs, I'd like to see games as welcoming as this one in terms of balancing instruction and complexity. The text is spaced out so that you can learn as you play, taking in one new part of it at a time.

I often find ttrpgs vibrant, beautiful, overwhelming, and well... exhausting. I find myself floundering or burning out over the course of a session. This is a game where I can keep filling in details round after round, switching between different modes of play to rest and recuperate. I hope to play this game many times over the course of my life, it's an absolute treat.

When I played this game I was looking for an opportunity to be extra, and I was not disappointed. I have a tendency to play very quiet characters, since I am a very quiet person. I was getting frustrated by that, and decided to play a scoundrel lady with very thick eyebrows.

Would lie to my shitty ex girlfriend who stole my ship that we had a chance again to save my friends any day of the week, thank you very much. And she can keep the ship. I've got a new home now.

have you ever wanted to go into a house? if so I believe this game is for you. when I went in there was a coat check. every room had a butler, sometimes the same one as in the previous room. my friends did not know, but I was there to destroy the house. to face the shadow maid after all those years. 

it went well.

I stumbled onto an old playthrough of this while I was sorting through my files.

Inside was a place of playing card musicians, of canopy covered streets with solar lanterns, of teams of burly people carrying pots and plants and gardening tools, of an ice cream place under a bridge where you have to make up a secret code to get in, of an open air mushroom grill lit by a street lamp in the cool night air, of hollows to sleep in.

This game is like a blanket you knit for yourself as you play.

There is a warmth and tone to this game not often found. Where the story of a basket weaver carries the same wonder as the tale of a pirate queen.

Beware the choir hawks.

The Winged King of puppets, frost magic ballerina Old Bones, the characters this game inspires are some of the most memorable of any ttrpg for me. A trick I love is to have each player bring their own oracle deck. To have multiple materials woven through the play. 

Also, I love the sense of hopeful sadness this game carries. My playthroughs really stick with me because of how they went into painful feelings in a way that was constructive and positive.

Hi, I've reached out to you via email since I don't have a twitter. If you're busy, no worries. Just wanted to make sure this didn't get lost in the rush.

Hello, I've started on a game inspired by People Get Older and wanted to make sure that is okay with you. Is there a way I contact you other than twitter?


Finding the remains of my mech still hidden underneath a watchtower.

Remembering how they died due to my incompetent piloting upon seeing dead flowers they planted prior to their militarization.

Finding a patch of the energy fruit that only me and the mechs ever liked.

Abandoning mission command to build the plant tending mech me and my crewmates wrote schematics for while we worked on our mechs.

Thank you for this game, I think it's fantastic.