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This game is literally what I fear every night when I'm playing a horror game at 2am. And I also really like the whole Game within a game concept. Keep up the good work!

Really liked the game, the start was something I felt was unique. Is there any way to restart the game?

This game was amazing, the color, the designs, the music! This game was a bit of everything I like! Looking forward to the full release.

My favorite game that I've played from this site so far, really loved it!

Would love more games like this, really pulled off a scary game without the need of jump-scares!

I really enjoy games that stimulate my mind and this was the perfect game for that!

This character is the demon I see in my sleep paralysis...

Really good game, Surprised by my results. Would love updates on this game!

I felt the need to shower after playing this. this was a really good game nonetheless and am looking forward to possibly more games like this.

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I really liked the story going on with this, I had no issues and no bugs while playing this. Took me a good 28 minutes to complete. 28 minutes well spent!

You're Welcome!

Played the game last night at 3AM, certainly made the best setting to experience playing this game. Woke up, edited and released my experience. The content of this game and the time it took to make was certainly impressive. A continuation of this would certainly be nice.

This game had more than I expected and made me do things to make sure I was safe.