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Also, for anyone else interested, I know part of the setup is the laying out of cards to see the 'board', but having no room for a layout led to an improvisation. I separated the reds and blacks, removing the black suit face cards as per the setup, but I kept the piles and instead marked down a small map to track my progess with which cards. Still does the trick just fine. :3

Played this for the first time last night. Died 3 rooms in because I rolled poorly vs an automaton XD Def going in for a replay because it was fun. Great game! (even if I have terrible dice)

I got it all printed out and ready to go!

Itch insisted I pay $6.66 for this, and I couldn't have agreed more. This looks super fun.

. . .I valet'd so hard, I knocked the screen askew. This is the best 2 button hilarity I've had in a while. *thumbs up*

This is my latest WOW plant, one of which was a random color offspring when I started up the game today.

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Those are sweet looking. IIRC, to get the black, I kept crossbreeding flowers of opposite colors, like in that screencap, I'd take a bunch of the ones in front, and breed with the blue green near the back. Let's say they're plants A and B. I'd breed at least two sets of A+B, and 2 sets of B+A. I'd pay attention to the offspring that were darker, and breed those, then add maybe a drab orange or a dark red. I just kept crossing on that route, alternated between reds, greens and blues till a black popped up. A lot of work but it was worth it.

I have a few new hybrids and discovered a ton of new random blooms all over the island today. Some are just from areas where I dropped flowers off a few play sessions ago, and didn't get back to until today.

This really is the first game of this sort that has really scratched a curiosity itch that no other game has managed. I keep going back to see what else I can come up with. Thank you for this!

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These neon green/gold/reddish ones so far have been my biggest surprise. I'm not even sure how I got it XD

Best way to get a repeat color is to match up two blossoms from that plant (prolly multiple times- it'll mutate a bit each time) then just crossing it with other plant offshoots/hybrids repeatedly. It look me like about 8-10 plants before I got it reliably.

I'm constantly amazed at the variety of plants the game generates. I've *almost* managed a full rainbow bloom one of my plants, and a variety of split black/color blooms as well.


This was . . . unexpected. I don't normally do sandbox games because they bore me really quickly, but this hit on a magic combination for me. I go in expecting to just play for like half an hour, and I lose 6. It's a lovely soothing game that gives me just enough to do to keep me moving. I think this is easily my fave relaxation game as of now.