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So glad I checked out this game. I accidentally bought it twice at full price but....whatever. The game is criminally underpriced for its content anyways so I honestly don't mind. 

I've been following this game since the pandemic. I played the demo and adored it, but only very recently did I finally have time to sit down and play the game and....I love it!! It's whimsical, mysterious, and challenging. I've been playing it with my sister (haven't beat it yet). Both of us suck at video games but we are having a lot of fun. It reminds me a little bit of melon journey but with actual challenging gameplay. 

I was wondering, is the demo still available for download anywhere? I've been trying to find it but it doesn't seem to be available. I remember completing the demo awhile back before the game came out, and I'd love to revisit it because some of the parts I really enjoyed were taken out of the final game. 

Thank you so much for creating such an awesome game, fruit friend!! 

I heard this was being released in August 2022, so excited 

do you have an estimate on the release date? :0

how long did it take you to make it? also, how many downloads do you have so far?

how did you make it on ur phone?

how do u go into the next panel?

how long is this game?

coz it's like the bootleg version of stardew valley

what's the evil route? omg 

please make this downloadableeeeee

this is harder than I thought it would be 


i don't really know how to play the "story" though :(

this is so cute! my only problem is that at the end there is a glitch where i can't reclaim my soul :(((( so i can't see the true ending! 

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oo when is going to be out? i remember hearing it was going to be out around march !!!