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1. I thought Rama would be my favorite, but then I played Reska's route, and now I am so torn.. I guess Rama has me on a most emotional level, but Reska was my overall favorite in terms of route. I like jerks who become soft around the right people.. (though Mitra is ultimate husband material....... / aka all of them were great)

2. I saw if was a free-to-play, visual novel, where you could date cute boys. That's all it takes. I also liked what I saw in terms of screenshots, so I decided to play it.

3. I like the art, and overall look of it the most. The characters are really amazing, though I wish the MC was a bit more.. well... toned down in term of colors (aesthetic reasons) - also the concept/story is pretty great.

// Skipped question four because I don't have any questions. My only "critique" is kinda mentioned in number four, but that is just my own visual preferences setting in.

5. I would definitely consider buying a visual novel done by you.

This was one of the very first games I played on this platform.. I think it's freaking adorable, in terms of story, art and characters. Aand.. of course I had to fall for the jerk. I have absolutely no regrets. I'm definitely gonna play this again some time.