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I love this game.

All i have to say

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The game is very fun, i like it but the spinning blade weapon looks like you're pooping the blades out when you try to point it to the left by putting it in between your legs first, can you fix that?

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The game froze while i was getting a lvl 3 scythe but when i reloaded it, it saved just before the moment i got the scythe so idm, great game, really laggy.

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It's not the official version but it has the most content so yeah it's a test version.

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ohhh ok 

It's just annoying how a bunch of games that don't require any downloading on newgrounds isn't browser on itch

Deserved, ngl.



Once they're gone, they're gone forever

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I loaded a new game and refreshed the page, loaded the same game and there were two hands overlapping each other both going up and down, pointing at the "Structures" button (or just "F").

Question, why doesn't the official version of the game not save and this one does?

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Slow and steady definitely doesn't win the race, fast and steady does though.

Great game and cool concept.

I like it

What are patterns tho?

People with epilepsy would die playing this game.

Well done!

Why can't you play this game in browser the way you can in newgrounds?

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For some reason when i equip the Magic Backpack, the flying animation for the dragon wings don't work or the dragon flying animation only works with the shadow-fur-made cape (at least for the demo, i'm not sure the same thing happens in the purchased game). Is this a bug or did you do that on purpose?

Aside from that though, Great game!

What's the hidden feature?


Thx for the help, i can now find this game addicting

How do you recharge your fuel???


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I mean like that sometimes the tennis ball will actually phase through my racket, other times i can hit the ball just fine. Idk if that's just my fps problem though, maybe it's a game mechanic and for now, the tennis ball isn't phasing through the racket.

My racket won't hit the tennis ball fsr, can you fix this?

Use z, x or click to shoot.

I love it.


By the time i stopped playing, my finger hurt, great game!


Why tf does this cost money here


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Probably one of the most addicting games I've played, Top tier! The upgrades aren't very easy to understand, could you add description for each one?

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P o g g .

p o g g .

Went up to lvl 10 on my first try before i stopped, great game and great concept!

mine is 100k on the dot.

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Top tier addicting game.

It's so satisfying when you land really long air combos.

The actual game content is fun but the controls kinda spoils it a little, could you work on that?

fsr the game won't work: it just keeps on saying press z or space, when i do, it doesn't work the game wont focus.

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i lasted to 1 minute and 6 secs left at lvl 12 with diamond and crossbow. It was very fun! (but my pc can say otherwise...)

could you make this a browser game like on newground?

nice quality but it takes WAY too much fps.