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Once you start Level 1, there is a MENU button on the top right.  In the Menu, is an OPTIONS button.  This will let you change the RESOLUTION of the screen.  This will make the UI bigger!  Switching will be easier

Very insightful!  Thank you for this experience!


What a lovely page! <3

I saved all my space buddies.  Tho, they did seem pretty happy our there in space!!

Love it!


I win!

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I love this.  Thank you!
The idea that the air was full of Earth blew me away. and so does the realization that I can't be me unless I have a boundary.....

I am a bot!  I am botting around.  I am in the machine.  

It's like planning a dinner party!

I love this!!!  I can play it on my phone!!! Gdevelop is awesome.  And this game is so cute: playing it on my smart phone is hilarious.  It really does channel the 1980's!!

I escaped!!!!  hahahahahaha I'm free to live my best potato life!!!

We are making progress on the new version!  Just an update!

It's a lot easier with a mouse...  level 5 is pretty hard!!  Were you using a mouse?  Level 6 gives you the ability to get cells anywhere along the vein, which obviously helps a lot.  Also: to move cells faster, turn off all the receptors besides the move: with only move receptors on its easier to move cells.  

We are re-building the game, so we will be making the levels ... well, not easier, but the progression will be smoother!  

<3 Yeah! I intend to add more cell types!  We are re-coding it all from scratch so it will play on modern tablets and in browsers.  Then we will add more cells plus more microbes!!!!!  Keep in touch, I would love to know what you think! 

darn that red toad!!!

Beautiful!  LOL

I love this game! And I add my vote to the APK version! 💓💓💓

I am trying to get some funding!!  Please keep in touch! ❤️ Thanks for asking!!

Thanks!!  You can leave a review for this game and many others at

Thanks!!!  :) I'm glad you liked it!!

Excellent work.  Extremely relatable.  Unforgettable.

Nope.  Sadly Mac changed their OS too much.  I am working on a new game and eventually an updated version of ID.  Thank you for your patience!!

Thanks for this interview.  Someone thinking this deeply about games and where this art form could bring us is like having a fairy godmother who loves us and wants us to have the wildest, brightest, most colorful life possible while we are on Earth.  I feel lucky to have Alienmelon thinking and preparing these zines for us.  I know her thoughts are profound because I recognize my deepest emotions in what she is saying here...  my deepest emotions that I have not yet been able to untangle, express and move past.  You know, normal Human life emotions. Like, why aren't I happy, I've done ok for myself, no?  

Alienmelon seems to have thought through everything already, and she is a century ahead of us... she's moved on to mastering how to present to others how to get started addressing the wordless, deepest Human emotions.

Here is a first draft of game by @KristinHenry  An Avant guard approach to giving any 5 year old a clear understanding of random motion and diffusion. 

You gotta click and drag the little green balls. The cell that is making the little balls is the bad guy. The cell that will receive the little balls is the good guy, The good guy tracks down the bad guy by following the little balls.

The little green balls are a different color every time you play! LOL it's a first draft! But!! The little balls make a gradient as they diffusion away from the bad guy! It's a chemical gradient that the good guy can follow, and you can give it a little help by dragging a few.

The little ball currently re-spawn on the other side of the window, which makes the gradient a wrap around gradient, and not exactly effective gradient! Haha.

In a body, molecules that are unique to the pathogen often times diffuse away from the pathogen, forming a gradient that white blood cells can follow... Immune Defense used this. @KristinHenry and I wanted a simpler, mobile game... to prove our point about education + games.  Here it is.  Enjoy your experience playing random motion and how a bunch of random events can be relied upon to bring about a definite result (When we fix the wrap around part...  and also yeah, you may have to wait a while, but that part is real life!)


😁🥰😁🥰😁🥰 Oooooooooooooo!!!!


I apologize. I will have to take down the linux version.  :(

This is wonderful.  I wish I could buy you a drink and hangout!  <3

The file is zipped.  When you unzip it it will still only be 18 MB.  But it should work.  Let me know!  I honestly have not tried it myself in a long time.


I like playing this game a lot.  It's sneakily engaging. 

Hi deepledi!  

This version of Immune Defense is a prototype for a large, RTS style game. I have 250 levels planned... but I need a team to make the full version.  What would you like to see?

Immune Defense taught me a lot about what makes a game fun and how to help people approach science and keep having fun.  

I am working on a mobile mini version.  The plan is, make a mobile, endless phagocytosis game and learn even more about fun while slowly building up my team and our audience.  

I will be continuing to blog at I hope you join me on the journey and  thanks for playing!!

We would love your feedback, everyone.