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You don't need to self-host a Matrix server.

Just to be sure:

- Matrix server != Discord server

- Matrix Space/Community ~ Discord server

Matrix Spaces/Communities are handled inside a Matrix server.

You can pick just an existing one like the one ( bundled by default when you access to ) and create an Space/Community there which is equivalent to Discord servers.

Edited: hosted bridges for Matrix<->Discord already exist, could help with it.

I have already bridged successfully different rooms from Discord and Telegram.

Could this be created within an Space/Community?

Rooms could be bridged to the Discord ones meanwhile. In this way, people who want to use Free Software would have an option.

Is there a Matrix room?

I cannot install it with the Itchio App.

Thank you Talberon.

Sorry if my comment seemed quite offensive. Sometimes, I just want to be direct to save time but could finish in a misunderstanding.

This game is tagged as Open Source but it doesn't fit the Open Source definition itself trademarked by the OSI (Open Source Initiative) in as showed in the EULA at the beginning of the gameplay setting that this is propietary software, not Open Source.