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cant download any of the files 

I enjoy your games so much:3 Heres my second episode :D

Im back playing your games, I cant have enough. My only request is please please make them longer, I want the full game so bad :D Missed Chook though, but still a fun little game as always  

But I cant. Once I booth up the game its stuck on the "start" screen and cant even begin the game at all.

cant even start the game, start is not working

Ive played the "A case of Murder" and I loved it, you guys know this :D Like I said before, I love you're art style,humor and design.

I'm hoping I can get my hands on more "A case of murder" and This one so I can play the HOLE game on my channel, PLEASE <3

Thanks :D Ill check out the new update and record that as well, thank you so much :)

OMG I love this game I had so much time and I just want the game now :D

Heres a first look from me :-3

(sorry for any miss pronouncing of names )

Its not even a game, you just click a video and its a cheap jumpscare. Dissapointed. Not recomended

Neat little game :) Fun for younger audience, Little hard to understand how to "remove" the flashlight at first but I figured it out and manage to escape the room. Would love it to be longer but overall you did a good job.

Video coming out on my youtube channel later, Ill give you the link once its done :)

This could be a fun little game, I love the music and simple look of it, the huge problem is that theres no time at all to do everything. Once I get the 5 appels and get the key I only got 5 seconds to open the oter door to get the final key. No matter what I do I can never make it in time, so that would be amazing if you can fix that .I recorded a tiny little video for my youtube, I will come back to this once the issue is fixed :-)