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short but I enjoy it :D

I LOVED this game, it wa super scary and I LOVE the voice acting! 10/10

38 years....should I be scared??? D;

this game was super creepy and well made, wowow <3 cant wait to see a full ending

this game v
this game was super scary, thank you for making it

I had a lot of fun playing it

thanks for making me smile and scream! Looking forward to more

AMAZING game, super scary! Im SOOO excited for the full game WOW!

NOTE: Sorry for the re-upload, had an editing error I needed to fix

Thanks so much for making a creepy and fun game, I had a lot of fun editing and playing this game :)

incredible game, thank you for making it 

I enjoyed this Lovecraft story, I do have some things I found problematic, first, the font was unreadable in some parts sadly, the text went too fast for me to read and no options to change the brightness,I get its a dark game but when I can't even see what Im doing it kind of ruins it. But regardless I thought it was a fantastic story, short and sweet game and you did a great job with it! 

I had a magical time playing this, it was so funny and I loved the family so very much! Thank you for making this incredible game experience

What a delightful fun and joyful game this is, very Banjo-Kazooie

Thank you so much for making it,cant wait to get my hands on the full game

your very welcome, if you get 08:55 remember its 5 minutes before the clock hits 9 :) if you get 04:40 like me make it 4 and rotate the long pointer at 8 so it will be 10 minutes over half. Hope it helps! 

Thank you for making such a fun game, I enjoyed it

one thing kinda bothered me, finding the cigarettes where super hard since the character kept telling me there was nothing on the bed, yet it WAS hidden under the sheet, a better option would be "the sheets looks strange" to then let us know to click again...

But I still think its a fantastic fun game, love the style! Looking forward for more

Put the long pointer on the clock at 11 and keep the short one on 8 :)

11 is 55 on the digital clock :)

I want more :( I loved it so much, simply magical <3
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Such a

such a cute fishing game, very  links awakening graphics

The blur could be reduced or removed completely

Thank you for making such a cute and wholesome game <3 I enjoyed it

I loved this game, short and scary, thank you for making it and putting lots of love into it!

Loved the atmosphere in this game, creepy and fun short horror game,thanks for making such a great game :)

Terrifying! I loved this game, I was scared the whole time lol

Thank you for making such a fun experience 

I had a fantastic time play9ing this! Good times 


I loved this game so so much, as you may know since I keep begging for its release on twitter <3

Thanks for making such a wonderful and captivating story so far, looking forward to get full game

*reposting it here instead of the soundtrack page*

amazing game once again, you are super talented! Creepy and great short game, must try

The microphone doesnt pick up in the game, and yes I set my mic to the default microphone in windows but still nothing...

Super awesome, scary and interesting game

thanks for making it ! 

Thanks for making such a fun little game, I loved it :D I hope to see more from you

I love the RE/Dino crisis style game, I had fun playing. I can tell a lot of love went into this game, Im excited to try the full game :)

I LOVED this game, I simply cannot wait for the whole game, thank you for your hard work!

I loved this game, loved the story, very mysterious, thanks for making it 

Amazing game inspired by Blair Witch, I LOVED it, the sound design was fantastic and it was very tense

I would love to have options to remove headbobs and other settings

Cant wait to see what more you make in the future, keep up the amazing work

I want to love this game, but the flaming entity chasing you makes it impossible for me to finish anything, Its super frustrating. Its such a cool concept and I love the atmosphere in the game but that guy chancing you gives you no chance of avoiding :S 

Thanks for making a fun little game, I had a great time playing it, made me smile and laugh

Cant wait to see what else you do for the future :)

Thanks for making a cool short horror game, I enjoyed it

I did have some feedback, the filter was a bit too intense, however I am sensitive to flashing lights and wobbly textures so could just be me but an option to lower it would be great for future games! 

Hope to play a longer game next time, you have a lot of potential and very talented person so looking forward on what you will make in the future :) 

Dogurai community · Created a new topic loved this game

Amazing game, I will play this on live stream in the future, its the classic retro goodness I love so much, with the classic GB aesthetic! Thanks for making this, and I cant wait to see what else you do in the future

I couldnt stop smiling, I love this so much!

Bears are my fav animal so I HAD to try this game, and I love the silliness and colorful world. Thanks for making a cute fun little game :)

Im sure I tried putting items in the quick use but nothing worked, could have been an issue with my input or something, I can try getting the game again and playing around with it

Thanks for making this beautiful game, I added part 1-2 In one video :)

The art and animations are beautiful,well done

short and cool creepy games, thanks 

I cant seem to get anyway after getting the 1floor clinic key

I cant seem to select the key or use it, tried with keyboard and my controller

select/tab does nothing, tips?

thank you for making such a fun and creepy game!

I had a few requests for some minor fixes

1; the blood splatter never goes away and makes it hard to see, have a way of removing it or make it fade over time would help

2; More options to remove motionblur/headbob

I loved the game, was well made, I cant wait for more :)