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I'm running this next week, with Cairn 2e, very excited about it.

I'm running this next week and have read through it a couple of times. It looks fantastic.


Waiting for this to go live. Will there be an option for physical double dipping (Issue 1 & 2) with shipping to France ?

I'm currently running this as a campaign with a bunch of 40 yo and we're having a blast. It also lead me to discover Into the Odd and Cairn and I'm very glad.

Highly recommended.

Thanks for the shout out.

I've been working of improving the webapp for mobile use. If a front-end webdev wants to help, the github repo is here:

I made it to help me run the game, I hope it will be useful to others.

Sure you can, I just hope my free hosting solution is going to handle it well enough :)

My socials are in English and in French (both are mastodon / fediverse accounts).

A first version of my web helper is live here :

I'm pretty bad at web design, so the character sheet is much more rough than yours.

Features :

- roll and keep characters (with optional random names depending on archetype, from DCC)

- roll a spell and get results and mishap

- consult gear, scars, spells and mishaps tables

- bestiary (I need to fill in the database though, WIP)

I'm brewing something with python and django :)

Just a small webapp to help me run the game.

It's not deployed yet.

Hello guys, 

I grabbed a community copy this morning, and after a quick read, I bought a copy for real, and I'm thinking of running this with my kid and his buddies (11 yo), in a mini campaign I had initially prepared for OSE.

I love DCC and Mausritter, this looks like a match made in heaven.