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A member registered Oct 11, 2018

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Day 2 (Haha, I’m having a hard time trying to find time to work on it)

-made a backyard with some events!

-made an upper room

-thank you to Discord for helping me with some event issues~

-i made one npc? I can’t figure out how to make a crafting system with it though, so i might do something else

Game Dev updates!

Day 1

-made a title screen (forgot the title though…)

-downloaded some free assets

-I’m using RPG Maker XP, so found out that I can’t use many tutorials since they are made for another versions...

-for now, i'm using a cat sprite made by Deebs

-made the starting room!

-I kind of attempted to make some events, but hopefully I can smooth them out soon!

Hello! I'm kinda late for the jam, but I'm here nevertheless! I've never worked on RPG Maker (or even made a game), so that is what I want to learn for the next two weeks. I also have no experience at scripting, so that's going to fun when I want to add events :'D. For the time being, my goal make a game about a cat that collects items for their owners.

Is there a way to expand backpacks currently?