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this game is so good!! i literally love all characters and their voiceover... ali the best girl <3

this game really hit home. i feel like this all the time when i see my father but still can't help and love him even after he fucked up my childhood. love this game

I love the story I would love it more when we could know more about Ivy past. I was hoping for diffrent endings. 

1. tbh at first i didn't like al because he was big tsundere but later he turn up being so sweet and caring. 

2. my favourite moment was when al tell this us that he made study guide specially for us it was just so awwww

3. yess of course!!

THIS GAME WAS SO GOOD!! all the characters was really pretty so as graphic. this game made me played all 5 endings. 

i love this game so much! i had so much fun collecting all endings. i love this creepy vibe and how dying in this game was so calm and obvious. thank you for making this

i'm so in love with this story! i like twins the most they are so relatable but i love every chacter in this game. i can't wait for more games from you!

i absolutely love this story! it was so funny and cute

 i can't wait to see more of your works <3

omg i really liked this game! it was really funny and nice to playing

this  game is so good. im waiting for full version