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I just downloaded (through community copy) and finished playing the game today and I'm very intrigued with the story! The post-it notes clues and conspiracy board definitely got me into a solving-mystery mood, though I feel like I missed out on some clues due to my choices, such as if Y.M. actually stands for an actual name, and I didn't get to solve some of the blue post-it note mysteries regarding Cannele and Nomnom.

What's more intriguing to me is that there's details in the story that aren't included in the clues that I got that feels very important (like the emphasis on sensations, the quick mention of sense of smell during one of the scenes in the market, etc.) that influenced my theories at the end. It made me feel like I shouldn't just be focusing on the notes in-game for clues and got me to jot down my own personal mental notes.

I'm really curious how the Resolution Phase will turn out! I'll be replaying the Investigation Phase a bit more to see what other options offer, as well as trying to give Cannele more points or seeing what happens if they both have same number of points (I ended up siding with Nomnom more in my first playthrough).
And when I end up with some extra money, I wouldn't mind buying the game to contribute! Looking forward to it!

P.S. The mini-game Poker-Faced Hanged Maid is really good, in my opinion! Makes me want to try playing it irl. Though, instead of Hangman, it feels more like Scrabble to me. I really think it was well-executed!

Hello! I got your game through the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality gifted to me by a friend.

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed playing your game very much! If I had the money, I'd pay for the $3 because I feel that it was too much of a steal for me. I hope you continue making other games!