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You will have your chance. As of season 1 Chris thinks he's straight, so nb and male Roe (including trans man of course) get a very different development. Very worth it imo! Just wait for season 2 <3

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I hate that I played the demo now, I told myself to not play any wips, which I did with the hero's journey, but with how much I loved that game I couldn't wait to play another game from the same author. 

Allow me to say that even if short, this demo has done an excellent job at hooking me up, I really love your approach to all of these themes, it reminds me a lot of my own broke, kind of traditional small town upbringing, so definitely something relatable in that end. 

As always the artstyle is great, very unique, and in a way I can't explain simply works great with the setting and writing style. It just fits bro. (And for some reason it reminds me of tolkien???) 

But anyway, very intrigued as to where this game will go and waiting for more content!! 

Man, I just finished this game and my only dislike is that it isn't longer. The writing is excellent and like a certain character said in the game, "why do you make me feel like a teenager" lmao. I'm nearing my 30s and this game really made me feel like a teen with the growing romance between the characters. 

In different circumstances I would likely have an issue with the lack of choices along the game, but knowing that this game had to be done quickly make it understandable, and all things considered, I think it still offers a good variety. 

All the three routes are wonderful imo, and all the side characters were amazing to interact with. The writers really captured the feel of being on a discord sever, it felt like actually interacting with real people instead of scripted characters, so kudos to that! Xyx had me dead laughing so often lmao, loved his character. 

The slight mystery element of the game was also nicely incorporated, and all and all, even if it wasn't surprising, it was still very enjoyable. 

Aaaaaand to do a tl;dr: this game is great and if you enjoy harmless drama and humour, you should totally play this.

Ahhh!! I'm so excited for this game! Can't wait to support it through the kickstarter too! I truly fell in love with the demo and can't wait to get my hands in the rest! <3

Can't wait to see more of this game! Will be looking forward to the kickstarter and seeing where this story leads to <3

Ohhhhhh sweet, that's it then, I'm sold! :rofl: 

I guess you got yourself another pledge on kickstarter lmao

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Alright so I can say I totally loved the demo, as soon as I read "inspired by games like Demonheart" I was *eyes zoom in* LOL. Tho I wanted to ask, since the relationships are on the toxic side, can we expect any happy endings with the ROs or not? I want to donate on kickstarter, but if there will be no happy-ish endings with the ROs (like Brash on DH1 is perfectly fine, or the endings of DH:H too) then I don't think I will.

If you don't want to answer to avoid spoilers that's perfectly fine! I am just a sucker of happy endings and get depressed if there aren't any lol.

Also, let me add: kudos to the voice actors! Usually I am not a super fan of it, but the ones working on this game are *chef kiss*

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I can see the 4 symbols at the top of the screenshots, does this mean you are going to follow the same system as in Seers Isle? Because if that's the case... I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. I feel like Along the Edge had a much better execution and narrative compared to Seers Isle. With Along the Edge choices felt meaningful, while with the SI system... It just didn't.

Also, to clarify, something I would really like to know as early as possible is, will we get locked to certain characters depending on stats like on SI, or we will we able to actively choose the characters we want to get with like in AtE?   

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Hi! Not sure if bug reports come here, but I just bought the game and in the options I am unable to click and drag anything at all? 

Ok, so I did manage to do it, but the back button doesn't work, tho. It does make the sound when you click it, but it doesn't actually go back. And in general, the mouse clicking in the menu is not precisely exact, aaaaaand, I am unable to put the game on window mode. Do you think this might be due to the resolution of my monitor, or is it a game bug? 

Yes, it still is. You can always join the discord channel and chat with the Author and get earlier updates. 

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Ok, so I just found this game and I am only ten minutes into the demo and already loving it. I can't believe a game with so much detail and work behind will be free to play. Is really sad that some game creators have to do this things in order to get a name, because oh god, I can't imagine how much effort has gone on this. 

You can be sure that you have someone that will buy this (I guess you will put a "name your own price"?)game once you release it :D

Also, can I just add how amazing the art and the music is? It actually shocked me when I started listening to the music, because is so damn good. Plus, it seem to have lot of options to forge the personality of our character, which is greatly appreciated!