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I've been playing this game for awhile now (I love this game to death btw, not saying that just because of the hentai either) and I've seen bugs here and there, all of them I believed were fixed... But now my game seems to crash and saving proves to be difficult sometimes. I've also played this game on a variety of different phones, so I don't think it's because of my current phone... At least I hope not

I thought it was a fun and cute little demo~ and I don't wanna sound like this guy, but I'm curious, will it contain nsfw content? I mean, I really don't care if there will be any, I'm just always curious about things.

I love this game, and have for a long while, but for as long as I can remember, this game crashes... ALOT. I don't know if it's just my phone, user error, or the game itself. But whatever it is I hope it gets fixed soon 

I've been a huge fan of this game for a long time, but for some reason when I try opening up any learn skills menus the game comes up with an error, and there's not even a rollback option, I don't know what's wrong but I hope it can be fixed soon 

you're talking about the VR thing right? If I didn't say it in my other comment I don't have the best memory and it's been almost a year since I last played it... Unless you're talking about further into the story, if so, then you might not be able to go any further until they update the game. 

Ive been a fan of this game for a very long time, but in this update the he seems to crash ALOT, and now I'm at a point that it crashed when I try leaving the bar. I hope it's not because of my phone, but it might be. If not, I hope it gets fixed soon. Either way thought, amazing game.

I 110% agree with this wahmen

Don't ask why monokuma is in this game, ask why there isn't enough monokuma in this game

ah, makes sense cuz it said UI test, I should really stop staying up till 6 in the morning, harder to pay attention to details, well, in any case, can't wait for the next update~

Hiya~! I know I'm probably just doing a big dumb, but when I try downloading the apk and playing it, I'm unable to open anything other than the sex menu, and even then I can't select it. I can click on it and it makes noise, but it doesn't do anything else. As I said I'm probably just being dumb, and if I actually am, please correct me >~> 

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I mean, please excuse my memory, it's not the greatest, but if I remember correctly, it just went to a black screen and then closed off the game, I will retry playing it shortly. Welp, my memory didn't serve me well, my phone just says app not installed after trying to install the APK... My phone has had alittle history of not downloading apks, but 8/10 it downloads them. So idk if it's my phone or the APK 

Honestly don't even know why I tried playing this weird looking game, but for android it doesn't work, or at least not for my phone

Beautiful game, everything about it is great. All the girls, (especially Mika) are amazing. But could you add in a thing where if they have a weak spot (like spanking or such) it shows that spot (like they turn around and can see their ass?) I think that would be a wonderful feature.