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In case anyone got a Steam Deck and wanted to play some handheld Lizzi Crossing, it is possible! I hope these steps help:

  1. In Desktop Mode, download Lizzi Crossing via a browser, as the app won't allow you to get non-linux games. Extract it somewhere easy to find.
  2. Open Discover app and search for Lutris, then install and open it. This will allow you to use Windows programs.
  3. In Lutris, click the plus, then 'Add Locally Installed Game'. Choose 'Wine' as the Runner and in Game Options, Executable box, browse for the Lizzi Crossing exe where you extracted it.
  4. You should now be able to play the game by launching in Lutris (I ignored a couple of errors which did not cause any problems).
  5. It seems to work more smoothly when launched from Gaming Mode, and you are able to use Steam controller configurations too. To set this up, open Steam from Desktop Mode and add Lutris as a non-Steam game. You can then launch Lutris from Gaming Mode (you might need to change controller config to mouse and keyboard) and play Lizzi Crossing from here.
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Love this game, very addictive but relaxing too. Fave game so far of the Ukraine bundle (of the games I hadn't already played).

A couple small suggestions that could make it even better:

  • High score board - so maybe I could see the top 3 consecutive floors I've reached before? Would give me something to beat.
  • In the menu there could be a little key to explain some of the symbols or how to play? I still don't quite understand the sparkles and I can't tell if there's a difference between big and small grass patches or different coloured patches... or are those just random to make it more visually interesting?
  • Oh! Maybe a third marker for squares that are definitely safe? I've been using the question mark for that so far.

Anyway, great work!