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Awesome! :D

It looks quite interesting. I've like what I played, but I wonder if there is any option to increase the window size, or to go full-screen? The original size makes me squint my eyes.

Keep it up, this looks very promising!

This was an EXCELLENT little game. Even if it is a short thing, its production values were up the roof. This is quality. I would love to see a sequel, or a longer, paid game in this insane universe. Great work!

Yes! The ":" and ";" keys worked like a charm!

I love the concept and I was able to play the first floor, but I don't seem to be able to use the stairs. I hit the correct keys (to go up and down) but the game doesn't seem to register them.

I'm using a spanish Genius QWERTY keypad, if it helps in any way.

The game is simple, but engaging. I could get used to the camera speed, but I would really like a simple exit command with the ESC key.

If not, at least add a brief "Help" window with F1, explaining the same command that you explain in this page.

Other than that, the game was quite good. I found the secret stash!

It's a very nice prototype. This system could work wonders on a full-feature dating sim/visual novel.

Otra vez yo. Esta vez le hice un video a tu juego. ¡Ojalá ayude un poquito! 

Me gustó mucho el juego. Lo destaqué en una nota que escribí para un sitio web:

¡Mucha suerte!

It took me a while to get the idea, but once it clicked the game became surprisingly endearing and fun. This is the game I played the most in the ProcJam 2017. Well done!

You mean, to add an option for Portugese/Brazilian language? I currently have no plans for that, and I don't have the knowledge of the language as for doing a proper traslation. I should consider it, though.

Hello, nice people at

I've been drawing a videogame-themed webcomic for the past three (nearly four) years, and today I'm glad to announce that I've finally released a short Visual Novel based on said webcomic. "Bits & Bytes - The Visual Novel" lets us enjoy one normal day in the restaurant for Videogame characters...

... except there are no such thing as "normal days" in this place.

Try it out! It's free and relatively short! Available in both Spanish and English! Here you go!



(Megawacky Max)