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¡Muchas gracias! Quiero ver si hago más proyectos en Pico-8; es realmente agradable para hacer jueguitos, y todavía tengo un par de ideas en el tintero.


Are you planning on making a compilation of all of these mini-games?

It's a really interesting game with a LOT of potential.Right now I feel there's a slight unbalance with the items, especially since you can use as many as you want during your turn; also, the magnifying glass feels too OP.

May I suggest something? Add GREEN shells to the pool. Reds are live, blues are duds, but greens are either live or dud. That way, if you use the magnifying glass you still have the danger of spotting a green shell, making the item less infallible. Yes, this adds another element of randomness, but perhaps just make the green shells rare.

All in all, a very good game. Keep it up!

Well, congratulations!

Hahaa... Is this the Civvie effect? It's a good problem to have!

Oh my, I did read the description and for some reason I glossed over that specific bit! My mistake!

Isn't this THUD, from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series? Nice concept, anyay.

Simpático. Medio simplón y corto, pero lindo. ¿Va a haber secuela?

Amazing! Day-one purchase! I've enjoyed the free version quite a lot. Good luck!!

You know, when I played Keke in the Mines I genuinely thought "oh, how nice of Hempuli to give Keke their time to shine. Now I wonder if he'll ever make a game with Me." And here we are... Let's play. (downloads)

Very nice!

I will gladly pay for a full version of this game (especially if you get a Steam version). I've had quite some fun with the current free version. Good luck!

That's wonderful! Congratulations! I'll wishlist it right away!

Yes! I loved this little experiment! I would love to see much more. Keep it up!

This is really incredible. I love everything about this little game, and it would be amazing if a full game could come out of this. Truly excelent.

Thank you! Dronn was originally meant to be a much longer game for a different platform, but Bitsy gave me the chance to explore the core story. This is one of the projects I'd love to revisit in the future.

Thank you! I'm hoping to improve the game post-jam. Stay tuned!

Yes, a couple friends have made me notice this issue. I am planning on adding more control options. Stay tuned!

¡Gracias! Lo cierto es que el proyecto original era mucho más ambicioso y tenía muchas cosas que mencionás. Por motivos de tiempo tuve que recortar un montón. Pero me gustaría mucho seguir expandiendo el juego después de la Game Jam. ¡Hay que seguir!

Greetings, people. Merry Christmas to all.

Just wanted to say that I've finished my little game and I've already shown it to the person it was dedicated to. She absolutely loved it.

However, since the game is on a bit of a personal note, I might not publish it ever.

You can see four screencaps right here, though!

If things change, I'll upload it to my account. If not... well, she loved it and that's pretty much allI care. And that was the aim of the jam. :)

Thank you for this.


The preview thumb made me think there was a third scene with a front animation. Other than that, a very amusing little game.

This looks mightly interesting. I will be following you for sure!

Muchas gracias por la crítica, y me alegra que te haya gustado. :-)

This. Even a Torrent would be fine, considering it's a 2GB download.

The game is gosted in MEGA. You have to download it from there. The download link takes you directly to the MEGA website.

This is great news! I loved the original game. Good luck!!

A simple, short, and interesting game. Quite nice. Well done.

Can't wait to play this beauty.

The game has a solid base to work with; it just need a bit of polish and some additions. A minimap would be an awesome thing to add; or at least a "beep" indicating in which direction the nearest bear is.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun piloting the helicopter. Keep up the good work!

I admire good puzzle games, and yours was one of the most engaging experiences I had in a long, long time. From the quality of the product overall to the ingeniousness of the puzzles, I loved every bit of this.

You've earned yourself a new follower. Keep up the great work.

I really liked the game. Can I suggest the location of the keys is randomized in each playthrough? That'd give it a little replayability. Other than that, a very nice experience overall.

I solved this very quickly: I purchased the Steam version! :D

Keep up the good work, man!

This is a really interesting concept. I understand that there are several issues with the UI, and there's a general need of polish, but what I'm liking what I see. I encourage you to expand upon this idea, because this could be something even greater. Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

Awesome! :D

It looks quite interesting. I've like what I played, but I wonder if there is any option to increase the window size, or to go full-screen? The original size makes me squint my eyes.

Keep it up, this looks very promising!

This was an EXCELLENT little game. Even if it is a short thing, its production values were up the roof. This is quality. I would love to see a sequel, or a longer, paid game in this insane universe. Great work!

Yes! The ":" and ";" keys worked like a charm!

I love the concept and I was able to play the first floor, but I don't seem to be able to use the stairs. I hit the correct keys (to go up and down) but the game doesn't seem to register them.

I'm using a spanish Genius QWERTY keypad, if it helps in any way.

The game is simple, but engaging. I could get used to the camera speed, but I would really like a simple exit command with the ESC key.

If not, at least add a brief "Help" window with F1, explaining the same command that you explain in this page.

Other than that, the game was quite good. I found the secret stash!