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pretty interesting game u made 

I made a gameplay to this. Was pretty interesting. Not gonna lie I had no clue what was happening. I was just going along with the vibes. It was really awesome experience. Keep up the great work!

gameplay + commentary cool game but controls are a bit wonky lol


i made a gameplay with commentary and webcam added for ur entertainment :) also game was super loud might want to have away to either change the audio level in game or just update it and lower it manually thank u! also on a level it made me not want to play it anymore haha

the puzzle that locked me on spot and had no choice to leave was really dumb and i didnt know how to complete it so i just decided to quit the game from that point on, also please turn down the audio even when its on the lowest its still super loud...

what a weird way to end the game but overall it wasnt that bad of a game. maybe a bit too pixelated for my likings but i had some fun.

some reason nothing was happening anymore i kept going up and down a few times from the stairs and keep on looking for clues but still got nothing else i think it bugged out or i just couldnt find what else there was to search for

almost closed the game right almost at the end cause i was afraid there was a jump scared about to happen but surprised there wasnt cool game u got here!

cant believe i didnt see it

i like breaking things in games

pretty cool game but i searched everywhere and couldnt find the 2nd green emerald or whatever it is called

i had to quit to keep my sanity holy shit

kind of dumb didnt know what else to do or where else to do got lost

bro ur asking too much just let us go further with 1 or 2 stars lol

What a crazy ending holy didn't expect that at all! You got me there...

couldnt get the clam lockers were in the way noice

had no clue what was going on but 10/10 

np ty as well!

cool game keep up the great work!

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I beat a game of I guess tasty ramen that's considered horror? LOL!

not much horror to the game cause i couldn't make it pass day 2 and i checked everything but seemed like there wasn't much else to do. i went back and fourth did what the game asked of me and still nothing changed. but anyways, here's my gameplay + commentary of your game. hope you enjoy it.

jesus almighty those were some crazy jumps i couldnt continue to try to beat the rest of the game...

weird flex but ok lol

how do u know so much? lol u work for the government or are u god?

np and ty as well :D

ty and np thanks for the cool game :D

some point at the shooting part i quit lol

check out my gameplay + commentary here:

pretty trippy game lol

pretty nice game but weird ending to be honest lol got scared at least one time tho

check out my gameplay + commentary here:

very cool much wow!

check out my gameplay + commentary here:

didnt really want to finish the rest of the game so i just ended up sirenhead capture me lol

check out my gameplay + commentary here:


ty i appreciate it

had no clue wat else to do but the graphics of ur game were pretty sweet...

check out my gameplay + commentary here!

i decided to eat a meal instead of hanging myself check out my gameplay + commentary here