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It should be fixed now

It should be fixed now

Thanks for letting me know! I think it should be fixed now

I think with some polishing it could be a really fun game. There are definitely some bugs

Good game. I think it would have been more fun if you had shooting on constantly and added rotation for the player.

Really easy but this was done in one hour so that's totally fine.

I think the bounce is a good idea but maybe you should add enemies instead of just having the player produce all the bullets. The layout was cool

Fun game. Felt smooth

It was fun and complete. There might be a bug in the menus where clicking prevents you from using the key inputs to use the menu.

Cool graphics. I liked finally getting the hang of hitting bullets back. Fire sound too.

It was an interesting take on tower defense. I liked the fact that the player had control of turrets too. There might be a bug when buying towers. I clicked on on an expensive tower and then clicked a cheaper one afterwards, and placed it but it cost way more than it was supposed to. Nice job tho

Welp I submitted it. I think I def learned a lot of stuff. Thanks for responding everyone!

I got kinda busy these past two days so my project isn't complete at all. Idk if I should even bother submitting it..