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The Rock is really the foundation of the piece... or just what came up when I searched for a free 3D model of a head.  Good eye, hahah.

I didn't get to play it personally, because I am too young, but I sent it to my Grandpa and he told me it was 'extra' and 'a weird boner.'  I told him 'weird flex but ok,' and we laughed and hugged until the tears came.  GOTY.

@XanderHD I was pretty surprised to be honest, hahah. I finally got a chance to check out your game. I liked the sense of scale I got from letting go of the trees. How do you collect the stars? Looking for things in VR is actually pretty fun. I might try out more of that kind of stuff in Outside the Box.

@XanderHD Hey, thanks so much!I'm just impressed I was able to do anything in Unity, hahah. Your game looks sick: can't wait to try it out!

@The Stairfall Institute Yeah, I agree, it is disappointingly short. I wanted to make it keep going where you exit the room and end up on the table with the house to solve some more puzzles, but I ran out of time/reached the limit of my Unity knowledge. I used some assets which I listed in the description, but I also modeled a few things (I know a lot more about VFX and 3D than game programming). Your game looks really amazing and hilarious! I really want to try it out! Likewise, thank you for putting in so much time and effort on making free stuff for the community!

I'm not promising this version is good... or even usable... but...
Use the 'Q' and 'E' keys to shrink and enlarge. Also, you will probably fall throw the world a bunch and find objects that don't have colliders, hahahah. Use at your own discretion.

I'll see what I can do tonight when I get off work!

I actually dont know how to code at all? And made this project using Playmaker. The process is pretty simple, for the larger copies I grabbed where the smaller object was in space and multiplied it by 10 (or .1). Only one of the objects actually has physics/can be grabbed. I hope this helps!